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Monday, March 14, 2016

Two Year "Surgiversary"

Today is my two year anniversary of surgery for the duodenal switch with biliopancreatic diversion ("the DS")
HW 351
SW 316
CW 176
Height 5'10"

I've lost 180-175 lbs depending on the day. Insulin dependent diabetic=in remission. HBP is now low blood pressure. I walk at least 2.5 miles every day if not more. I feel great. I'm happy. I'm fully engaged with life. Thank you Dr. XYZ for making it all possible. <3

First pic, July 2009. Second, August 2014. I'm down about 15 lbs from the second pic--had to give away those pants (Gloria Vanderbilt. LOL First pair, ever.) Let's make this a good day.

July 2009, Arches National Park, Utah. I wanted to hike up there, but didn't have the ability.

Seal Beach Pier (and yeah, I walked it and back to the car blocks away. :-)