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Friday, December 11, 2015


I went to town yesterday to get the mail (junk mail only; no "magic"), and then down the street to the grocery store. I got the tomatillo salsa for my pork tacos (which were fantastic BTW), and I got two maple glazed raised donuts . I brought them home, made coffee, ate them slowly, and enjoyed every damn bite. The result?  Down another pound.  LOL

Of course, once I had eaten them, I wanted MORE. So I had a yogurt and a piece of clafouti later.

Today? The donut craving is gone. I scratched the itch.

No guilt. No regret. Obsession petered out.

Weird, right?



  1. The fat in donuts works like magic for a few years before the carbs come back to bite you. Prior to so-called "fat bombs" on current DS boards (which post-date me -- I've made or done them), donuts were often said to do the trick to get the scale moving again! Thy were an okay food for me for a while.

  2. Yeah, an apple fritter has gotten things "moving" more than once so to speak. *ahem* But as a regular food choice? It's just a not (it used to be an every weekend thing, and before that, two or three times a week thing. My weakness--donuts.) But a few times a year is an improvement LOL Once I ate them, the craving passed. I felt after days of resisting, it had become, ah, futile. :-) And it went away. It was making me wish for a sponsor, that's for sure. UGH


  3. Correction: "It's just not an all-the-time-thing." *rolleyes*