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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hello my little neglected blog....

I apologize for neglecting you but, honestly, I have been both busy and not in a state of mind to talk about food and stuff. I don't know if I can ever catch up on the last six weeks, so I'm going to go to my default option and...make a list.
  1. I had an IV Iron Infusion on Venofer, given over six hours. 
  2. That night I packed up the van and started my move to Northern California from Victorville(ish area), CA
  3. I lived in Motel 6 for 16 days.Good times. :-(
  4. I ate all my meals out. 
  5. I burned through money like a wildfire. 
  6. I ate carbs. More than I should, but not excessively.
  7. I started school
  8. I took the world's worst student ID photo.
  9. I ate carbs.
  10. I rented a small studio apartment. I love it.
  11. I walk to school, 1.25 miles each way.
  12. I ate A LOT of carbs
  13. I got Internet At Home! And all network TV on cable (it would cost more to have Internet by itself than a "package" with TV. *rolleyes* I get PBS, so there's that.)
  14. I had one sustained, two week meltdown. There was crying.
  15. I went to see a counselor on campus. She's good. No, GREAT.
  16. She sent me to an excellent shrink who upped my anti-depressant.
  17. Happiness ensued.
  18. I had a class scare the shit out of me so I dropped it
  19. I added a class that I love. I use my Kindle to access resources in-class, and as required by the Prof.
  20. I'm taking two creative writing classes; fiction and non-fiction
  21. I've met some interesting people. I hope to meet more.
  22. I've been invited to do some official writing for the university. *grin*
  23. I'm looking for a job P/T.
  24. I broke my phone. It was under warranty, they replaced it. They also talked me into a 10" tablet computer for $1- and only $10/mo. It runs on WiFi. I'm still playing with it. Will I like it better than the Kindle?
  25. My husband brought up (most of) the rest of my belongings this week.
  26. Things got broken as they do when he handles them. Sigh.
  27. My minimalist tidy apartment looks like a bomb went off.
  28. Do I really own that many fucking shoes???!!
  29. I have homework. I was caught up until yesterday.
  30. I used yesterday--no class for me--as a 'just for me' day. My writing classes have been divided into small workshop groups. My group did not meet yesterday, otherwise I'm on campus every day. So I used the time to sort and put stuff away, throw it away, or ready it to go to storage, and read Micheal Connelly's The Crossing. MC has his mojo back after that disastrous last novel.
  31. I told myself if I get caught up on homework today, I can have a slice of the best pizza in the world. But I have to walk there.
  32. Grin.
  33. I'm getting back into the swing of things.
  34. I love it here. (There's trees and green things!)

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