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Saturday, September 20, 2014


So on Thursday, I had a muffin at Mimi's, lemon poppyseed along with all the protein and a lot of walking, yesterday I upped my protein to 115, fat to 80, and carbs 43, and I have GAINED 1.6 pounds. Fuck me.



Here are my MFP totals for today. Better, mostly because I had a small sirlon steak, medium, with bleu cheese dressing at Norm's, a SoCal 24-hour diner fave. We got something called "The Trio", and we share it:  Sirloin steak (6 oz), 4 fried shrimp, 3 chicken tenders, baked potato, soup, salad. I had the steak and three fried shrimp, my DH had the chicken, potato, and salad. I ate all the meat (chicken and polish sausage) out of the gumbo. DH also ate both rolls and butter.

I feel bloated, my stomach is swollen, and I feel "backed up." Bleh.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday, I'm taking her to lunch wherever she wants to go or Macaroni Grill if she'll let me surprise her.

Totals 1,893 60 120 132 2,403 21
Your Daily Goal 3,000 38 267 113 2,300 59
Remaining 1,107 -22 147 -19 -103 38

Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar


  1. 80-120 grams protein/day is a *minimum* to shoot for, not a max. Your fat's too low. Your carbs are unnecessarily stringent (I aimed for 100 grams a day and got down to BELOW goal weight and chose to regain some). My two cents. You can do this, but be wiling to experiment until you find what work for YOU, regardless of what I or anyone else says.

  2. See, my surgeon advised me to eat low fat, so I'll be damned if I know what the hell to do.


  3. Wow. That's totally counterintuitive and not what he used to advise at all. Doesn't make sense to me unless one has got the runs and/or is much further out than you are. Does his explain *why* one should eat low-fat when, at the beginning, a DS patient *malabsorbs* 80% of the fat s/he eats? Wouldn't have worked for me then or now. BUT as I say, you need to do what you feel comfortable with.