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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Post-Valentine's Day

I did not make it through Valentine’s Day unscathed. My MIL bought me a box of Godiva (my favorite) truffles in crème brulee, strawberry cheesecake, and molten chocolate lava. I meant to eat one of each….you know where I’m going, right? Yeah. Ate them all. Granted, over the course of two hours, but still, I ate a dozen truffles.

I had the squirts all day Monday (we bought the chocolates Sunday night at Kohl’s. Half price!! *rolleyes*)

Came home Monday night, and Tuesday I found a small box of See’s candies on the dining room table. I had to go to my mom’s as she had a medical issue, so I swiped it, and ate them in the car. There were six pieces. My husband’s boss gave all the teachers one. He hasn’t even noticed it’s gone—he’s not a chocolate lover. I was like a starving man who'd just crawled through the desert craving water--I was shoving those chocolates in like I was starving or someone was going to take them away. (Seriously? I did eat them slowly and enjoy them, even as I knew I shouldn't.)

More diarrhea all day yesterday. FUN!

So what have I learned here? 

1.       I am still easily triggered.
2.       I have no such thing as “just one or two”.
3.       Chocolate is yummy (I was never a huge chocolate fan before, weird).

How’s my weight?

This morning I was 200.00 lbs. Right? That stung a little. One tenth of a percentage and I’d be in the 100s. But at least I didn’t gain.

So today was a clean slate, starting fresh, wait, actually, yesterday was also very clean. I did have more bowel fallout today, but fortunately I was home all day by myself. *ahem*

I ate very high protein today, and I made a dessert I got of Facebook. Cream cheese, SF Jell-O (I picked raspberry), and HWC. Beat HWC until soft peaks form. I beat the hell out of my Trader Joe’s “shelf stable” HWC that comes in the little boxes—great for traveling—not great for beating. I think I beat it for 20 minutes and it never got past a yogurt-ish consistency. Whatever.

I beat the cream cheese with 5 packs of Stevia; melted the Jell-O in one cup of boiling water and let cool before adding to cream cheese.

Then I added the thick, but not whipped, HWC to the cream cheese/Jell-O mixture.

It’s been in the fridge about an hour and it’s thickening up pretty well. Tastes good, too. My husband went into to town so I told him, “Don’t come home without whipped cream.” 

My husband and I also went on a walk before dinner, our first one since moving here. I don’t know how far it was, but it was probably 30-40 minutes. My ankle started hurting, so I’m going to need to wrap it for any future walks. Met a puppy and a kitty at one neighbor’s house. Very friendly.
I hope tomorrow I’ll drop below 200. Sweet Jeebus. I’m trying. One more day of detox to clear the carb cravings. *groan*

Oh—Kohl’s was having a big sale over the weekend and there was even a 15% off anything in the store coupon, so I went with my MIL and got three pairs of pants. I’m an 18. I haven’t worn that since I was 18. J I tried on some size 16 jeans—they fit, but super tightly. I looked like a sausage. I’m probably being more critical than I deserve. I wish I had bought them, they will fit eventually and the price was awesome.

I bought one pair of Gloria Vanderbilt dark blue jeans for $4.19. I am not kidding. And that’s before the 15% off. LOL

I didn’t even try them on. I got them home, tried them on, and turns out they’re “short.” Which I am decidedly not. So I rolled up the cuffs and wore them with sandals as it was hot in OC yesterday (like 80 F). They looked great. Such a deal!

I got a tan pair of Dana Buchman slacks, and a white pair of Dana Buchman pull-on slacks in white. All were great deals before the coupon discount. I’m happy. Now I have more than two pairs of too big pants.  Woo hoo! Livin' large...ish. :P



Update on the "Jell-O Cheesecake  Not-fluff-or-pudding."

It tastes fine, but without the actual whipped cream folded has the texture of cement. Yeah. It's heavy. I'd only try this again with actual whipped cream. Otherwise? Back to the SF Jell-O pudding. That is simple and delicious.

Here's a shot of it:

I emailed the photo to myself--3 times--and it still hasn't shown up in my email. I need to log off now as I'm burning data tethered to my phone to get online. I'll try again tomorrow.

Update, 2/19/15, 10:45 am:

Here's the picture of the raspberry cement:

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