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Sunday, February 1, 2015

How'm I Doing?

I thought you'd never ask.  *grin*

I'm down, as of Thursday, five pounds. I was outside, in my pajamas (long story, to come), I had the car keys, so I whipped out the scale.

I'll weigh again on Monday morning.

I've been eating very, very, very clean. The carb cravings are gone. Oh I still think about yummies like donuts and ice cream, but the obsessive thoughts are at bay. For now. I'm still easily triggered visually, so I step away. If I'm at the store I move along. If I'm looking at a billboard while at a red light, I look away or focus on the radio or something else. If there's food I can't eat, I give it to someone else or I toss it or give it back to a waiter if I'm out. Yeah, really. My health is more important than what some waiter/tress thinks of me.

It's a process.

I had a fab steak dinner tonight at a diner I've always loved and used to have French toast at--their steaks are SO good. My dinner came with shrimp, baked potato (I ate the butter and sour cream with a few bitse of spuds) and gave it to my husband; it also came with a salad, he ate that, and soup--split pea--of which I had about five bites. It was lukewarm so I wouldn't have eaten much of it regardless.

But. Dinner came with a dessert: Brownie fudge vanilla ice cream sundae with whipped cream.  I had about three bites of that--big bites--and gave it to my husband.

Considering I had the shits all day yesterday--while at my mom's ugh--and then didn't go all day today, I was hoping some sugar would move things along. Ahem. Winner winner, chicken dinner. And it was delish.

I also had a SF mocha frappucino (with HWC) from Schnuttbucks this afternoon, which helped with a chocolate craving. They make it good in the OC. MM mm.

Breakfast was some broiled chicken with, I believe, sumac on it. *Note to self:  Buy some sumac. It's so good. Lemony and spicy, I really like it.

So I'm focusing back on my body, what's good for it, what makes it feel good, what does it need to function effectively, and that helps me feel my best. I need to take up my walks again, but a scary mean dog put the fear in me--I really thought she was going to bite me--so I'm anxious to be walking about in our neighborhood. It's an excuse and an explanation. I guess I could find somewhere else to walk.

Tomorrow is the Superbowl. I highly dislike *ahem* both teams and have no dog in this hunt, so I wasn't going to watch even though I enjoy the spectacle and the commercials and of course, the food, so I'm curious where tomorrow will lead food-wise. I'm hoping for wings and sausage pizza so I can pick the toppings off. If it were up to me, I'd be making Mary's, over at One Perfect Bite, Jalapeno Popper Dip, but I'm at my in-laws so it's just an awkward time to take over the kitchen. I can't explain it. But I will be making it at my house this week. I'll report back.

I'm going to be watching with my goldbrick, @$$hole brother-in-laws my dying (of ALS) FIL, and my husband. Good times. I'm hoping to get in plenty of coffee and protein. Hell, I'm made of coffee and protein these days. :-)

So...there are benefits to clean eating. I do feel tired and a bit rundown, but I know it's just my body making the transition away from carbs and onto fat and protein. I see my doctor on the 17th for more labs, so if anything has gone awry, we can catch it. I'm taking all my vitamins and can't remember the last time I missed one, I've got a routine going, now. In fact, next week is payday so I'll be ordering some iron and Vit D, and I need to find a multi-vitamin with low B6 and B12--my levels are too high right now. Not as easy as you think. (If you know of one, please share in the comments or email. Thanks.)

This time tomorrow night, I'll be in my own bed with my precious kitties. I miss them, I miss home. That's where I want to be. Always.

And hopefully I've left a few pounds behind when I get there.

Yippee kai ay.


  1. Try ditching the SF stuff. Cutting out the sugar alcohols will lessen your bowel reactions. You're better off using a smaller amount of the regular stuff. Also try reducing your sodium and processed meats - things like smoked sausage, while tasty, have a huge mount of nitrates, phosphates, and sodium. I learned that those things along with MSG, are wallpaper dissolvers for me. When you start reading labels and eliminate one ingredient from your world (like sodium nitrate) and notice a difference, it can really jump start things.

  2. Thank you for your concern; however, I am not soliciting advice or opinions at this time.