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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

White Lasagna

I had a craving for Alfredo sauce recently, and I had a jar of Classico asiago parmesean sauce in the pantry…so tonight I made what I’m calling a “white lasagna.”  I did not use noodles. Instead, I let the layers of meat, cheese, and fresh spinach be the separators. It ended up sort of a mélange and more of a casserole, but it was delish. Even my DH liked it.

I grilled 4 (smallish) chicken breasts with a little garlic salt and black pepper. Once cool, I shredded them with a fork.

I put a layer of shredded chicken into a 11x7 glass pan. I then put a layer of fresh spinach leaves, then mozzarella, shredded parmesean, and some Trader Joe’s gruyere / Swiss mix on top of that. I then poured some of the Alfredo sauce over that, and started over again with chicken, spinach, cheese, sauce, and a smattering of shredded parm.

It was SO good. High protein and fat, it was good every way you looked at it including taste.
The breasts I made were a little small, so I think next time I’ll cook more chicken for sure. This will make six meals for us. Dinner tomorrow? It’s ready. :D

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