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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Good thing I was free all day yesterday. Ahem. I met with the GYN for pre-op for my hysteroscopy next week (a diagnostic D&C to biopsy the fibroids and polyp that are currently residing in my uterus). I revise my belief about the doctor--I thought he might be from the Caribbean, but I think he may actually from the African continent. I say this because he has a thick accent. In addition to that, he mumbles and talks very deep and low, so it is difficult for me to understand him.(Did I mention have hearing loss in my right ear? Yeah, duct tape and staples. That's all that's holding me together LOL.) Sometimes I just nod my head if I think it's not important and I'm not sure what he said. Whichever, he seemed ok with my answers. LOL

He had an intern in his office, and when he asked her to explain how WLS can put Type II diabetes into remission, she mentioned fat, weight loss, adipose tissue, etc. I was not inclined to correct them. Fat and weight loss do not contribute to the immediate (often within days) remission of Type II diabetes post surgery. My remission took six weeks, but I was on insulin for over eight years and had been a diabetic more than fifteen--those two indicate a longer remission process post-surgery. I didn't bother telling them that by the end of six weeks I'd lost about 40 pounds and that I'd lost that 40 pounds over and over again over the years and it did not affect my blood sugars at all. But given my problems with doctors lately (oy vay!), I decided to just be quiet. It didn't matter. I just wanted those varmints in my uterus out. Doctor's can get pissed when you correct them, and I just wanted to move on with the gynecological process.

They sent me over to the hospital for an EKG and then next week labs and a urinalysis, which had to be completed within 72 hours of surgery. I checked in, waited, read, watched as clouds blew in and we got pounded with rain (cool!). Finally admissions called me in and then she walked me over to another lobby. Then a tech called me in and walked me back to her phlebotomy station. She picked up multiple blood collection vials and was giving me instructions on the urinalysis when I said, "I'm not supposed to have the blood draw until 72 hours before surgery...."  She blanched, looked at the order and said, "Oh." I told her that I was only there for an EKG and had I known I was waiting for a lab draw, I would have advised the person who walked me over that I was only there for an EKG. So she walked me over to the cardiac area and I had the EKG. The tech talked my ear off about her medical issues but, whatever.

So I got to my doctor's office around 10:10 am (I hate being late. HATE.), read until about 10:20, went in, waited, saw doc and intern, left about 11:30 am. Got lunch at Panda (leftovers are in fridge. What used to be one meal for me is now 3-4 meals. I got the Shanghai steak and green bean chicken.) Over to the hospital about 12:30, and I didn't get out of there until 3 o'clock. So yeah, like I said, good thing I had nothing else on my plate for yesterday otherwise I would've been a little frustrated.

I made some calls while I was "at lunch" yesterday, and found a doctor in my town who takes walk-ins from 9 am - 1pm, Mon-Thurs. Otherwise an appointment would be in ten days or so. So I got up early this morning and got in there by 9:05 am. I filled out all the paperwork only to have the nurse tell me, "You know the doctor doesn't get here until 10 o'clock, right?"

Uh. No. No I did not. And why didn't you mention it when I spoke to you yesterday? Honest to goodness, I feel like I'm trapped in a bad movie where everything goes awry. LOL

So I waited, got taken in just after 10, waited nor more than five minutes, and this good looking man in a gorgeous expensive shirt and tie, nice slacks, leather shoes, and a short salt&pepper beard read my file and then started asking questions. In fact, this is what I put on one of my groups:

Wish me luck. I just met with a new doctor this morning. I liked him very much. Professional, good listener, wrote stuff down, looked at the paperwork I brought AND made copies, filled prescriptions that were running out and made referrals. Not quite on board with the iron infusions, but I'm working on it. Yay.

I liked him A LOT. He also has one other paitent with choroidal melanoma so he knows all about it! What are the odds!?  He wants me to have a colonoscopy before I schedule the hernia repair. In the last two weeks it's gotten even bigger and more uncomfortable. It doesn't help that Snuffy, the new kitty, wants to stand on it all the time. Urgh.

So I'll schedule with the GI and hope to get this hernia thing rolling pretty soon. I want to be well by the end of December so I can move in January. I mentioned the iron infusion to him, but I threw so much other stuff at hime I think it got buried. I'll talk to him about it next time I see him. He also refilled two important prescriptions for me:  antidepressant and of which I only had 3 left; and anti-anxiety and which i ran out of mid-September and have felt and slept like shit since. (Uh, anxious, hello.)

So fingerscrossed that this guy is the guy, at least until I move.

Right now I'm waiting for my drugs at the Starbucks inside Target--and, oh yeah, Medi- Cal changed my Medi-Cal number and didn't notify me of the change OR send me a new card. I'm telling you, i'm the kiss of death for medical professionals and bureaucrats. And WTH? :-P  Stop already, sheesh. So hopefully I can get my drugs today. I explained it to the technician when I dropped off and he said they would have someone call. 

Since I'm here, I'm going to utilize my acess to unlimited internet to finish some articles I'm writing so I can get paid and do stuff like pay my cell phone (aka Internet access) bill. 


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