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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Outpatient Surgery Wednesday

It only took 4 months to get scheduled. *snort*

So I'm having a hysteroscopy and diagnostic d & c. Or what they call in the biz, a "dusting and cleaning."

I check in early, and hope to be done and headed home by lunchtime. I'll leave extra food and water for the kitties in case it turns into an overnight. I hope not.

I'm a little nervous, but hopeful that all will be well.

I'll check in tomorrow.



  1. Hope it goes well - don't be afraid of the overnight stay. You might be able to get some IV iron or other needed supplements.
    This is not the time to rush through an appt. though I can understand not wanting to stay. I rather enjoyed my second first night in the hospital - I got to leisurely eat a hot meal delivered to me in bed, had wi fi, the remote to myself and then the Seahawks-Lions game started right after a heft dose of Dilaudid. But after that, I was over the novelty of hot food and quiet.

  2. Thinking of you and sending prayers for a successful procedure!

  3. It's all good. Went fine, I feel great, am home with two movies, two books, and four cats. And no sex for two weeks. Lmao. Oh my...

    MB--I had that same thought, but everything went fine. Sigh. I resume my iron and hernia repair pursuit on Monday.

    Thanks for checking in. 🌷