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Friday, October 24, 2014

PMS and Food Addiction

Two nights ago, I was stuffing food into my mouth like the Taliban was at the door. Crunchy Cheet-ohs, an ice cream sandwich, cheese, jalapeno poppers (SO good), Swanson's meat lasagna...stuff I don't ordinarily eat, and WAY too much of it. I knew I would pay the price.

And so I did.

I couldn't sleep that night. I was uncomfortable, bloated, my body ached all over. I started with the trips to the toilet about 6 am. That went on about 4 hours. Painful, crampy, uncomfortable trips to the bathroom. And need I say foul smelling? (A hallmark of the DS.) I stayed in bed until 3 pm trying to catch up on some sleep and feel well enough to haul my ass out of bed. It was still a struggle.

Yesterday I did fine, I had a couple of moments but still managed to mostly maintain, and then last night, started my period. Yup. I am almost 52-fucking-years-old and still menstruating. When is this shit going to go away already. Not only that, but it's like a clock, regular as shit. I think 40 years of this crap is enough, don't you? Mother nature, you listening?

As soon as I get my insurance sorted out, I'm getting a thermal ablation. I'm SO over this, seriously.

So I'm going to go with PMS food cravings for $1000, Alex. *snort*  Ya think?

I didn't even think about it. Other than being long and heavy, my periods have basically given me no trouble since shortly after I left my teens. I do get clumsy in the day or two before, and I have noticed food cravings, also, but I really wasn't thinking about it on Wednesday. I felt stressed, anxious, afraid, like my heart my explode in my chest, and I knew I was using food to comfort myself (and which mostly didn't work, except for the ice cream *grin*). I felt out of control. Feelings became actions.

But it makes sense. So I need to make sure to pay more attention to the calender when I have these weird food cravings and know that I can fight them with exercise, distractions, and better food choices. The knowing makes it easier to fight instead of just flailing against unseen enemies in the dark.

My weight hasn't changed in a week or so, but my clothes are still getting loose, so we'll see. I'm going to go eat my "enchiladas in a bowl" for break/lunch. Basically ground beef with Las Palmas mild enchilada sauce (my favorite), cheese, sour cream. Yum. Then a walk.

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