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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I haven't broken 200 lbs, yet. In fact, I've gained 10 lbs despite buckling down. Period time. Water weight? I don't know, but I'm pissed and frustrated. It's hard to get online because we don't have Internet at home. We're in the boonies and on the waiting list to see if we can even get it--30 more days. Yes, we checked before we moved in, our landlady, next door (about 300 yds) has Verizon Fios. When we called, they said they no longer offer it in our area. ??? Despite our landlady having it now and for years. So until we get this sorted out....trips to Starbucks, etc.


I'm going home and having my SF chocolate pudding with whipped cream, made with milk, half and half, and HWC. I need some kind of treat in my life. Fuck.

Not angry...frustrated.

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