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Monday, April 27, 2015

I'm Down

Physically, that is. I was 189 this morning. I haven't seen that since high school. And I was in a bigger size then, a snug 16. I'm rapidly approaching a size 14 in pants. I've been a 14 on top for months. Of course, I also grew another inch when I was 19 from 5'9" to 5'10". I always wanted to be tall, and I got my wish.

My size 16 jeans, the new ones, are bagging in the seat and thighs. Petunia, the big hernia, makes them tight in the waist. I see my surgeon next month. I'm looking forward to it just because I like him and appreciate his expertise, compassion, honesty, and humor. Also? I'm hoping he'll help me fight my HMO to have him do the hernia repair.

I have some lose skin, primarily on my upper arms and upper thighs, tops of knees a bit, and my ass basically came to rest on top of my thighs. Honestly? I've seen much, much worse. A friend who is losing weight through just diet and exercise and has lost over 50 pounds in the last year also has loose skin. It's a reality of being obese for a long time and then losing. I would consider the arms, and if a panni gets thrown in with the hernia repair, I would do it, but everything else? Not gonna do it. I so do not like pain, and I have a low, low, low pain tolerance. So fuck that. the remarkable thing about the weight loss--including the 13 I gained during 'carb week', i.e., PMS (UGH!! TG I see the GYN this week, amen), is that I ate all my meals out. I had eggs, Thai food (grilled chicken with salad, quesadillas with the tortilla being my only carb for the day (flourish), some fruit, more salad, steak, and so on. So pat on the back to me. Actually? It was easy. The carb cravings have abated, as they do every month.  I still want snacks, but I have the ability to tell myself "NO."

Oops, my battery is dying. I have to stop right here. Back later.

OK, we transitioned from McDonald's, which was full of screaming teenagers anyway, to Burger King, and who has electrical outlets, unlike McDonald's.

I also had ice cream while at my mom's, twice (two nights in a row). I hated to leave it, but it would have melted anyway, so just as well. (For the record:  Tillamook Marionberry and Dreyer's 1/2 the fat (lower carbs) S'mores ice cream. Both really good.)

Tomorrow I'm having dental surgery. I'm not looking forward to that but it must be done. I hope I get good pain meds, and I don't mean Vicodin (which does nothing but put me to sleep--no pain relief). I wonder if I should get a small bottle of vodka to swish my mouth--I've found that to be a very effective and instant pain reliever--swish and spit. I have eleven more months of teetotaling per my surgeon post DS surgery. I don't really miss it, but I do like a margarita on a hot day. Next year.

Well, this will be another busy week. Friday I took my mom to the doctor, out to lunch, the bookstore, Pier One, and dinner; out on Saturday for breakfast and lunch, we got caught in an abrupt thunderstorm without coats or umbrellas, then went home early, watch TV (HGTV), and went to bed early. Yesterday I went with my MIL to visit my FIL who is in the hospital still, fading, depressed, and just generally not doing well. It's just not good. We stayed a couple of hours.

Then we went over to the big fancy shopping mall for a garden show--we barely made it out of Macy's (I got two gorgeous blouses for $30-, good quality, good names), and I got some iris rhizomes for my garden, just barely. They were packing up to leave. I strongarmed my MIL to stopping for some food because I was starving and she only drinks those disgusting Glucerna shakes--she doesn't eat. I mean, rarely. (Only when everyone is asleep, and then she sneak eats sugar and ice cream). I had a bacon/egg spinach salad, very good. I didn't eat most of the spinach, but all the egg and bacon with dijon vinagrette. Very good.

Then I came home late after watching GAME OF THRONES (she DVRs it, we don't even have a TV service), and got stuck in a bad traffic jam. REAL bad. It took me 45 minutes to go about two miles. ^&%$ I wish I had known, I would have taken another route, but one assumes at 11:00 pm at night that there will not be much traffic. Silly me.

Into bed, read for a bit, then slept until 9 am. Wow.  And boy does our house need a cleaning. Nothing like three days away to see all the flaws. I don't know how much will get done after my dental work and then a gyn appt later in the week, plus therapy. *sigh*  It ain't easy bein' human. LOL

At least I'm trying.


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