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Friday, June 5, 2015

Eatin' Crap (aka Carbs)

Yesterday I decided to take "the day off."  I had some bad test results come back from the gynecologist requiring more tests--mostly for cancer. Yeah.--and I just felt all out of cope. I didn't get dressed, I didn't shower, I stayed in my lounge pants and my bathrobe. I didn't even wash my face or comb my hair.

I spent the day watching Falling Skies, season III on Amazon Prime. I tethered to my phone to get online and essentially used 75% of my data on my plan to do it. Fortunately, it resets on the 7th, so I only need to be cautious for two more days.

The day started out auspiciously enough with me shitting my pants while still in bed. Awesome. I had gas. I'd had it the night before and all night. The only thing I can blame it on is the Malibu Chicken (breaded and deep fried) I'd had with half a steak at Sizzler after my GYN appointment. I was lying there, sort of awake, when I felt the need to pass gas. I've gotten pretty good at knowing the difference between a fart and a shart, and in this case, I felt I was good to go. So I did. I farted long and loud. Then the shit came. Fortunately, I wear a giant, extra long, Stayfree overnight pad every day and night because I can laugh or cough until I pee, have for years, and now the sharting problem. (It's only happened three times in a year. But there's never a good time to have that happen.)

I got up, went to the bathroom, realized a shower was in order, and turned on the water to heat up as I sat on the toilet. I threw my undies in the tub to rinse off before putting them in the hamper.

The water never got very hot. We were out of propane, which heats our water and runs our stove. It lasts, generally, about six weeks. I don't remember the last time we got it filled--which requires detaching the tank and taking it into town (my husband handles it) to get it filled. It holds $25 gallons.

Yesterday was my husband's last day of work and then he had to be at the graduation ceremony at 6:30 pm. I texted him about the propane. He texted back, stressed, but after he filed his grades and before the ceremony he zipped home, got it filled, and zipped back. He then went up to NorCal to watch some of his former students graduate from high school (he had them for 8th or 9th grade). He cares about those kids, so I don't begrudge him the trip or time, but the timing regarding my health issues is not the best.

So I shit my pants, got cleaned up in kind-of hot water, parked myself on the couch with coffee and a couple of almond brekkie biscuits, and started surfing the net via my cell phone. I then ended up bingeing on Falling Skies; I watched all ten episodes yesterday. So good. Took my mind off my problems.

I did however eat some crap. First, I had diarrhea all day, from the Malibu chicken, I'm guessing. I don't know. But here's what I ate yesterday, in between trips to the toilet:

  • Two homemade almond breakfast biscuits
  • Trader Joe's vanilla almond crunch cereal with half and half
  • Kettle Corn, microwave kind, a full bag
  • Two poached eggs with grated cheese, Kerrygold butter, and saltines (8?)
  • 4 ounces sharp cheddar
  • 1 leftover carnitas taco with guacamole, sour cream, and refried beans
  • bowl of chocolate peanut butter cup Dreyer's Grand ice cream (4 scoops)

The result? A normal bowel movement this morning, no gas, no gurgling, no diarrhea, and down four pounds. Go figure.

Today I felt like I had my shit more together, did the sink full of dishes that had piled up, took out the trash, changed the cats water and litter, fed the birds (they eat a birdfeeder full a day. I won't add more than that or I'd have every bird in the county in the yard); washed and moisturized my face; changed, fixed hair, put on jewelry. Went to town and had a blood draw for the CA125 test for ovarian cancer; got the mail; mailed some semi-precious beads and a big copper splatter art work thingie to my mother-in-law. She'd bought it at the gem show my dad was at. It was about $160- worth of copper and beads. I sent it priority mail, insured, signature required.

I then went to Stater Brothers to take advantage of a "transfer a new prescription get a $25- gift card" offer (rib eyes are on sale. Heh.). Turns out, the prescription the GYN wrote for me to deal with PMS dysphoria, and which I CANNOT take with Prozac, is...fluoxetine, brand name Prozac. WTF?? I told the pharmacist I was speechless. I was. And because of that, as one of their advertised specials, it wasn't eligible for the gift card. But I had another prescription out in the car I was going to take to Target. I brought it in to Stater's and it wasn't on the special list. Hooray! And while I was waiting, I saw a coupon in their flyer for $30- to transfer a prescription, so an even better deal. I'm going to go pick it up here shortly.

Then I came to Target to take advantage of 20% off of cast iron skillets. Mine had disappeared in one of our many moves. I got a few other things. Ahem.

I was going to watch episode I, of season IV of Falling Skies, but it's getting late and I want to be home by dark to put the kitties in the house.

Tomorrow I have to go down to OC to help my mom with some problems she's having. I don't think I'm going to tell her about the cancer concerns. She's got enough to worry about on her own and she'll probably forget anyway. Her memory is getting exponentially worse every month. Sigh.

Today I had two poached eggs with butter cheese and 4 saltines; two shrimp tostaditos at Rubio's with black beans. I'm hungry, but I think I'll make dinner for myself. I was going to go to a movie, but I don't want to be out that late by myself. The attention I get now as a thin person makes me uncomfortable and has been scary a couple of times. Until I figure out what I want to do about this (pepper spray?) I'm just going to mitigate my risk for now.

Well, gotta run. The sun waits for no one.

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