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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

SBT Update

About half way to the dentist's office they called to say the lab didn't have my appliances yet for me to try on, so we rescheduled for next week. Whatev.

So we went to social services instead. It was the next turnoff, so it was very good timing on the part of the dentist office.

We were there maybe 20 minutes. We got called up, explained our situation, my health status, and was told to call our caseworker (even though we were IN the office) because she only takes calls after 4:30 pm and it was about 4:31 pm.

She also told us that it takes 45 days maximum for health insurance to be processed. Once Medi-Cal is rejected, they automatically send it to Covered California (Obamacare), and it is backdated to the first of the month in which we applied, so in our case that would be June 1. Cool. I hope they really mean that because I really need insurance.

R called our caseworker while we were in the lobby, and she asked him to bring by a copy of his paycheck tomorrow and she could move us along in the process. So we will go by there on our way to SoCal. R has some business he needs to handle in the OC, we can pick up our mail at the post office one last time in OC (it expires tonight, but I think there is a short grace period), and I have requested a visit to the beach after boiling nearly to death the last two weeks in over 90 F heat. Ugh.

I have a bikini top and a pair of men's board shorts to cover my Shar Pei thighs--my abdomen looks fine, boobs, once wrassled into the bra top look fine, arms are a little iffy, but people can bite me if they don't like it. So I'm going to pack a beach bag--towel, Kindle Paperwhite, sun hat, sunscreen, flip flops. Wait, I'll be wearing the flip flops. Change of clothes. I'm going to swimming and gonna hang around the beach. Bitchin', man.

So pray for smooth sailing on the insurance front so I can get some of these health concerns kicked to the curb and back to my daily routine.

Also, getting new glasses, so maybe I can look for, get, and even be good at a job. Crazier things have been known to happen.

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