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Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Wishing you and yours a happy holiday. May it find you surrounded with the comfort of family, pets, and friends, safe and warm, full of nutritious food, and snug in your bed at night. May peace and joy descend upon us at least this one day.

Peace and blessings,

Sparkly Jules

I spent most of the day at my in-laws struggling not to stuff every carb, of which there are many, into my mouth. I finally broke down about an hour ago and had a piece of apple strudel with some cottage cheese (balance??). My stomach is gurgling and me and my new BFF will be spending lots of time together in the near future. *ahem* Rhymes with "moilet." But it's just one day and I've dropped sixteen pounds in the last two weeks and my labs are good. I'm so good about vitamins that I brought those to my in-laws and forgot my prescription meds. LOL Two days won't kill me (and hopefully I won't kill anyone else without my anti-anxiety meds. LOL uh, yeah.)

We're human. Rather than beat myself up, I've decided to indulge, this evening and tomorrow. Of course, what I consider an indulgence now versus pre-DS is massive--say, one apple strudel versus the whole container of a dozen. KnowhatI'msayin'? Big difference. Prime rib and shrimp for dinner tomorrow, and that will fill me up for the most part. But maybe a piece of pie later. We'll see.

So eat, drink, and be merry, for Friday we die[t].


Merry Healthmas!!

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