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Monday, April 28, 2014

Good and Gratitude

1. I'm having coffee. OMG. It tastes pretty good. (Not fantastic, but good enough.)

2. Got belly leak allllll over my fresh out of the laundry last night nightgown. I have it soaking in Palmolive in the kitchen sink. Just call me Madge.

3. My blood sugar last night was 139. After I had eaten all day. (An egg w/ some sausage gravy; a big sausage that I ate over the course of the evening with a little marinara; two protein shakes; three 20 oz Sobe's). This morning it was 142. I've not taken any insulin since last Tuesday. *hysterical laughter*

4.  I felt SO good on Saturday, that I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom (not including the inside of the fridge; that's next). It looks fantastic, the dishes are clean and put away, the counters are clean and the floor was vacuumed (it's a porous rock floor; you don't mop it. It's weird. I'll take a picture if anyone cares.). And last night I made Rex' lunches for the next 3 days--mustard / rosemary roasted potatoes, thanks to Mary over at One Perfect Bite (I didn't have 2 tbsp of chicken broth so I used tequila); and Honey Mustard chicken leg quarters courtesy of Simply Recipes.  I taste-tested a bite of each--very good. I've still got it. Heh.

Also? R worked on cleaning out the garage!!!! I cleaned up my stuff months ago, his was just in piles all over. It looks so much better and will be so much easier for moving. Yay.

5. I'm grateful for this beautiful weather we're having today. I may go outside and sit in it for a while and just enjoy the breeze and watch my cats frolic on the lawn.

6. My very oldest and dearest friend showed up at my hotel the night before surgery with a spanking brand new 17" HP laptop with two years of tech support, Microsoft Office, a 64G flash drive and I forget what all. When I asked him "Why?" he said, "Because your computer is crap! LOL" He was right. It was crap. In fact, it's so much crap, it's a paperweight now. Will not boot up. This is such a great story I've been saving it...but I just haven't gotten to it. I realize that I still need to post my surgery story. I will, I promise. Right now bills and other crap are monopolizing my time. I've been busy feeling crappy, dealing my mom and R's dad, household chores, ad infinitum. It's coming, it's in there. Promise.

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