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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Money: Thank Goodness

I just checked the claims status for my surgery--everything has been paid and my portion? $0.00. I am not kidding, nothing. WE. OWE. NOTHING.

Breathe, Jules, remember to breathe.

I was waiting for bills to start showing up, but just one, from the hospital lab, has, and then our insurance emailed me to say that they had processed several claims for me and I could check them online.

What a relief!! When my surgeon's assistant said we had good insurance, she wasn't fucking kidding. Wow.

Hospital;  $57,000 (rounded up). They were paid the "in network" agreed amount, much less than this.)

Surgeon:  $18,000 (rounded up). Same deal.

Anesthesiologist:  $2,000. Same thing.

The hospital lab for blood draws and testing and to analyze my evidently diseased gall bladder, I just put a copy of my insurance card into the mail to them. Hopefully that's all covered, too, because it's $2600-.

It's been a long, hard year, but it's been worth it to have this surgery, especially now that I am feeling better. I got so much done today (and Saturday), it's amazing. This is how I want to feel. *fingerscrossed*

I'm so relieved.

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