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Monday, April 7, 2014

Like Death Warmed Over

That's how I've felt the last two days. Constant trips to the bathroom where nothing comes out; then 90 minutes where I can't stop. A belly wound that soaked through a maxi pad, a dish towel, underwear, nightgown, and a section of newspaper in less than an hour. I drained it on the toilet last night using four papertowels. It filled up in 2 minutes and smelled so foul and looked so gross I gagged. I thought I might hurl. Later I felt something "snap" in my bellybutyon and it hurts if I bend or otherwise exert myself. I emailed my surgeon and he said everything sounded within normal limits, and he sees me in about 10 days.

Nothing tastes good, and there's a metallic smell coming from our freezers that infuses everything in the fridgee with a metallic taste, so it tastes even more ass-like. I'm exhausted, hungry, and grossed out.

I'm miserable.

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