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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tiny Update

My fasting blood glucose this morning was 142. I last took insulin over 3 days ago. *squee* It's working!!  OMG, TG!!

I also hit six weeks post surgery yesterday and today I felt so good (hope I didn't just jinx it *fingerscrossed*) that I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, cleared off the dining room table of "debris", and went through my closets culling clothes:  1 pile for a friend, 1 pile for charity, and 1 pile to sell on e-Bay.  Now I need to go through the bags of clothes that have been sitting in the second bedroom floor since September.'s been that long since I felt well enough to do something like that. I may get to it tomorrow, but Monday for sure.

Right now I'm trying to gag down a fish filet that I nuked, with mayo, 7 grams of protein, then I'll have a protein shake 30 minutes after I finish and go to bed. The fish tastes terrible, but I bought it, I'm eating it. *rolleyes*

I'm grateful I felt so good today; let's hope it keeps up!!

Goodnight!! (I'm even going to bed early!)

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