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Friday, May 8, 2015

Life Goes On

I got my hair cut, finally, by a pro, not some fresh out of cosmetology school dingleberry at Supercuts. She did an awesome job. I LOVE it. She showed me how to style it, I just hope I can manage it at home. I'm very happy with it.

The woman is an old school friend of my husband's, and I've been wanting her to cut my hair for years. We talked about a pixie cut, but she said what I was afraid to say out loud, that it would be "too masculine" for me. I'm tall and broad shouldered and get called "Sir" a lot already. No need to encourage that. This was my other choice.  It's a little windblow in the photo (we had a surprise rainstorm here yesterday and last night), but essentially, this is the haircut I've wanted for years. And she cut us a break on the price. I didn't know until we'd left or I would have fought her on it. We did give her a big tip. Kindness is coming at us from all directions, the whole family. It's good to have those friends in your life. Makes those hard blows like death a little easier to bear. A good haircut doesn't hurt, either.

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