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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Diabetes vs. Diarrhea

Of the two, I'd rather have the latter than the former. Good thing, too, because that's what I've got as it turns out. And constipation.

Who knew I'd be spending SO MUCH time fussing over my bowels?

Yes, I realize I just had my bowels rearranged, but really? Every waking moment concerns my bowels?

OK, I exaggerate a little. A little. But

Pardon me. I have to run to the bathroom. BRB.

But see, it's ok, that's what I wanted.

Last Thursday I mentioned I had a few bites of rice at an El Pollo Loco. Constipated the hell out of me.

I didn't go again until Saturday morning, and by then I was very packed up and I had some abdominal cramps. Not fun.

I got on a message board and asked around for a natural way to get things moving. I was recommended bacon (full fat port), heavily buttered toast, and fat, fat, fat.

I went twice more yesterday, and both were very dry and painful. I think I may now have what is referred to as a hemorrhoid. Those are fun, too. (Not.)

Last night I ate two ham/cream cheese rollups, my go-to food just now (delicious and no weird side effects), and this morning I got up and what can only be described as a coprolite dropped out of my body.

So I started cooking bacon. By the end of the evening (two hours ago for me), I had eaten a whole pound of thick cut fried bacon.

About 10 o'clock (having eating half of the bacon), I had some wheat toast with a lot of unsalted butter. My stomach started rumbling. Two false alarms later, I squeezed out some more dried blech.

About an hour ago, the diarrhea started in full. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have things moving again. Now I know I'm getting old--I'm talking about my poops. LOL

So the bread tasted good, not fabulous or delicious, but good, 100% wheat, no HFC, but definitely carbs (Orowheat). But the butter? Oh yeah, the butter was good.

So I'm still figuring out my rearranged body, what I can and cannot eat, what it will do to me, or not, and mostly I'm just sticking to the ham/cream cheese rollups. They taste good and are very satisfying. I'm doing two 48 gr of protein shakes a day, but not today, not after all that bacon.

I'm loving the Good Earth's sweet and spicy tea iced tea--reminds me of my childhood (remember the restaurants? They were organic and the 80s!), and I love their tea. It sits well on my tummy. I'm using just the organic Stevia in it. I'm also having Sobe lifewater (made with Stevia), I really like the Yumberry and Pomegranate and the Strawberry Dragonfruit. They were on sale at Target recently for .86 cents a bottle. Totally worth it. Great for grab and go. Also? I'm doing bottled water. I tried coffee, and it was fine but not phenomenal, so I'll wait on that some more.

I'm up late working on multiple projects, some personal, other business. I've discovered that I need, crave the cool quiet of the dark hours--just me, alone with my thoughts. I can get so much more done without the nearness or the words of anyone else. *ahem* I've always been this way, I've just forgotten how much my personal sanity depends on a lot of quiet alone time at night. Mental note made.

Now I'm going to make my husband's lunch and go to bed. My eyes have been popping open after eight hours of sleep, no matter what time I go to bed. Before, I was sleeping 10, 12, sometimes 14 hours a day because I was just exhausted. Diabetes will do that to you. And kill you.

I'll take the diarrhea.

Never thought I'd be saying that.



  1. I got all caught up! This is great, awesome work Jules! If you are interested I am happy to send you some of the Trutein powder protein I have. I liked it the best but don't use it anymore. There's lots, I can send a little and if you like it send the rest. :) Congrats on losing the diabetes! It's hard not to obsess over the day to day weight fluctuations. It helped me to have monthly progess to look back on (I track on Fitbit and link that with My Fitness Pal, lots of good charts) so the day to day ups and downs don't get me so badly. Now I'm working on the last 10 lbs and they are going slowly! You are doing great!

  2. Thank you. It's hard, but I persevere. I will succeed. Send me the samples--I've tried so many. I like the MRM Isolate Whey in Chocolate (I don't like vanilla, there's no strawberry, so chocolate it is.). Couldn't hurt, might help. I'll PM you my address on that other site. Thanks for stopping by! What a ride? Yes :-)