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Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Ate Crap Today

Mostly. And not on purpose.

Food tastes shitty to me, again. Even my old standby, deli meat ham rolled up with cream cheese. It tastes...metallic. Bleh.

We did our usual Denny's read a paper thing today, and nothing, I mean nothing sounded good (except French toast), so I got these grilled chicken wraps (it's a tortilla, ok?), with chipotle sauce, ate one, brought one home, changed out the chips for fruit, at half a strawberry (YUM--doc just cleared me for small amounts of fruits and veg, so far so good!), gave the rest to my husband.

Then, we have no wifi at home because guess who forgot to pay the bill? (OK, it was me. All this traveling has me confused. No point turning it back on because we're leaving, at least, I'm leaving in a week. I was at a Starbucks until their Internet bailed.)

I got one of their bistro boxes because it has cheese in it. I left the crackers and the fruit, had two almonds, three dried cranberries, the brie and the cheddar. I don't like gouda. I'll give it to my husband for a snack later, although he doesn't like apples. Whatever.

Then I had to move to Burger King, and so they wouldn't throw me out, R bought me a double junior something cheeseburger, pickles and ketchup. I ate about 2/3 of it, realized it tasted like shit, and put it to the side.

So not my best day.

I got up so early (6am!!!) for my day II yard sale (I made $30- the whole weekend. Then everything went to the Goodwill.), and I forgot to make a protein shake. Then I took a nap from noon to 2 pm, and that's when we headed to Denny's.

I'll have a protein shake before bed. My new Syntrax Caribbean Cooler (pineapple / coconut) arrived yesterday. I LOVED the sample I tried, and their fuzzy navel, but I bought the 2 lb tub of the pineapple. I'm looking forward to it especially since it's so hot.

At least I remembered my iron and calcium (so far, since January, I've only missed vitamin doses twice. One at bedtime, which was not a forget but a "fuck it I'm tired," and the second one was an actual forget. So five months, two misses. I think that's pretty fucking good.

In a few weeks my life is going to radically change. I won't be cooking for my husband, we won't be going to Denny's (I don't think), as we'll be living separately until we land on our feet. Me with my mom (and how long will that last?) and he...well...he's going to camp. He was going to stay with his dad, but dad is doing what he does best--be a dick--even as he's dying of ALS. *sigh*

So I hope I'll have more of a routine to my life with my mom, I may cook for her, and less temptation in my husband who is a fast food addict--I've basically cut it out of my life, and that's why I feel shitty today. I wish I hadn't eaten most of what I've eaten today. I'm sure I'll pay for it with my bowels tonight or tomorrow or both.

I'm human, I'm imperfect, today was not my best day.

But tomorrow is a new day. I can start again.

My posting is going to be intermittent due to lack of Internet at home. So bear with me. It might be a few ragged weeks.


  1. The living-apart-from-your-husband thing does not sound easy, esp. during a period of great emotional and physical transformation in your life! May you both find FT jobs in the area ASAP!

  2. Thank you. I'm doing a lot of praying....