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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Girls' Day Out

Since I didn't have to run down to SoCal to accompany my mother to a doctor visit, I had some extra burn. This girl needed a haircut. I last cut my hair in August 2013. In the photo I took yesterday and published on the previous blog, it was looking pretty scraggly. So I vowed that today? Today I was getting a haircut, a pedicure (my heels, UGH), and if time and money, eyebrows.

I got all three done. I had two inches taken off the bottom, a straight across cut, and had my bangs cut. No one was in the shop (SuperCuts), so the cosmetologist (?) offered to blow dry it and style it for free. It looks great. Take a look.

Then I headed over to MalWart, a store I swore I would never step foot in again but the prices!!!, to pick up a rolling, plastic filing cart. Unfortunately, they had them, but they were not wide enough to hold pendaflex files. Blast!

So I punted:  Cardboard filing boxes. My filing is currently in a pile, literally, because my previous file is FULL. We're moving, I need to have access to stuff like marriage license, birth certificate, paid bills, etc. I swear I'm getting one of those Neat Receipts one day, but the price is just out there for right now.

The primary reason I went to Malwart was after checking around online last night, I saw that they had ladies cotton Fruit of the Loom undies, in patterns and colors, on sale: Six pairs for $8.47. Such a deal. I'm down from a size 13 to a 10. It's a little early to be buying undies; however, they have started sliding down and that moves the sanitary napkin I stick on the inside of my underwear to catch the fluid from my open, leaking belly wound, and that crap gets on my clothes. I need tight underwear, not something slipping around my hips taking the napkin with it. I had some 10s that I bought accidentally a few years ago, and they fit perfectly. Two pairs is not enough, so I bought the six. They're in the washer. One pair is zebra print. LOLOL  I love it. Thanks FotL, for making panties for us plus sized ladies, even as they lose some of their plus. ;-)

Regardless, at the Malwart I went to, they have a nail shop. I had my pre-surgery pedicure there. Very nice Asian ladies. Super sweet. They have the spa chairs (lurve).  She handed me a menu with the different services I could get, so I decided to GO BIG. I got the deluxe. Mango scrub for feet and legs, parrafin wax on feet, scrubbing, lotioning, massaging, and finally, nail painting. I chose a very bright reddish-orange with a yellow sheen. Very summery. Aren't they cute? And my heels look and feel so much better! (They were so dry and scaly that they caught on rugs. OMG.)

Lastly, I had my eyebrows done. They were starting to look like Andy Rooney's. Ugh.  You can see them in the first photo. Maybe not, they're hiding behind my glasses. But they look great. $10-. What a deal.

I feel good. Great. Pampered and purty and ready to get some work done. I'll be setting up the files for moving tonight before I go to bed.

But first, something to eat.

R brought me home two (TWO!!) lousy chicken wings, I asked for four (he ate them ^%$#), and then a couple of small slices of a cheese ball I made (recipe at the bottom), I had a 48 gram protein drink when I got up, so I'm trying to figure something out to eat. I would love a bowl of Panda Express hot n' sour soup, but they are closed AND ten miles away. *sadface*  I'll find something.

So here's the cheeseball recipe:

2 8 ounce bricks of cream cheese, softened
2 cups of your favorite cheese (I used sharp cheddar and triple cheddar)
1 clove chopped garlic
Black pepper, to taste

I mixed it all together with a regular hand mixer. Plop it onto a piece of saranwrap, mold it using the plastic into a ball, then wrap it in foil, chill two hours or overnight. I did it last night.

It's good, not fantastic. It needs something. I think for me a little cayenne, maybe some pimento, or pickle, or something, maybe an herb? It needs something. I decided to leave the nuts off the exterior per traditional cheeseball methods as I am not quite 10 weeks out from surgery (and how fast they went once the first shitty six weeks were over. LOL)

If you've ever made this, or have any ideas how to kick it up a notch, leave a comment. Thanks.


Lastly, today would be my grandmother's 101st birthday if she were still living. I know she's watching over us, perhaps bemusedly, but still, I know she's there. She had the biggest heart in the world, and I know she keeps one eye on us. Miss you, gramma.

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