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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Road Trip Down the Hershey Highway

Oh the metaphors for poo...they're just never ending, aren't they? It's taboo normally to talk about "pooing", but for the DS patient? It's a daily reality.

I got constipated again. Two bites of rice was all it took. (Yes, I've finally learned that lesson, Oy.) We stopped at every major truck stop so I could crap. Nothing. I spent 30 minutes in one restroom, enough that the line that had formed while I was in there (only three stalls) I could hear whispering, "What is she doing in there? How long has she been in there? Are you sure someone is in there?) I just knew I was going to go this time.

Nope. We were heading down I-5 (or as Californians call it, The Five), and after the fifth emergency stop with no relief, I said, "That's it. I'll have to have some bread and butter." It worked the last time I was constipated and took about four hours.

We stopped at a barbecue place my husband likes and since they have so much meat on offer, I thought it would be a good choice for me. My open roast beef sandwich (which tasted like shit, it's downstairs in my in-laws refrigerator, up for grabs), I had some gravy, a few mashed potatoes, all of the soup part from some clam chowder (no chunks), and the roll with lots of real butter.

One hour later, I was riding the Hershey Highway. I'm not sure how many stops we made. Suffice it to say a 200 miles trip took us nearly eight hours, including a one hour stop for dinner.


I did not, however, shit my pants. I stunk up bathrooms from Buttonwillow to Bellflower. *sigh*

This is a hard process learning what my body can tolerate, what tastes good, and what can make me miserable. It's a fine, fine line, and I feel like I'm just really sucking at walking it. Everything that sounds or smells good tastes like shit. You couldn't get me to eat a donut for $50-. (I would for a million. Oh hell yeah.) Meat that I previously liked tastes bad. I want a big salad with chunks in it--cheese, and meat, and red bell peppers, and croutons, and green onions and Thai lime cilantro dressing. No can do. Probably taste like shit, anyway.


I think I need a consult with both the dietician and the psychologist. They both said I could call them. When I'm not busy taking care of someone else...sigh...I'll call and ask for appointments with both (they both did my pre-surg interviews via phone.). They said I could if I felt I was struggling. Well, I am.

Diarrhea is bad enough, but while on a long trip? Oh just stick a fork in me, I was done.

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