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Monday, August 25, 2014


I'm living at my in-laws for the moment and this means that I live with my MIL, FIL, BIL, and my husband. So four other people besides me.

They all know I've had surgery.

They all know I can only eat certain foods.

They all know I bring home restaurant leftovers in boxes and put them in the fridge in the kitchen.

There is a small fridge upstairs, and I keep snacks in there like sharp cheddar, yogurt, mini-pepperoni slices, and Jell-O SF mousse for special occasions (a lot of carbs).

So why do people keep eating my food if my name is not on it? AAAARGH!

My BIL, aka "the asshole", will, evidently, eat anything not nailed down. Today he ate part of a sausage and cheese omelette I brought home after breakfast out with MIL, FIL, Hubs, AND a dill pickle spear. I had hidden it in the bottom vegetable bin. Who does that? Normally I'd write my name on it, but it was a clear plastic lid that couldn't be written on. I guess I have to invest in some sticky notes or a guard dog or something. Jeezus H.

Then I popped over to the mini-fridge in the TV room to grab a yogurt--gone. My husband ate it. He was with me when I bought it. He doesn't normally eat yogurt. It was a 4g CarbSmart (Kroger) strawberry pomegranate yogurt. WTF?

I need my own place. I swear to dog...I'm SO frustrated.

I had another yogurt available, a nonfat Yoplait Greek yogurt, strawberry raspberry, but it has 22g of carbs! Which I did not notice when I purchased it (and how...?). I entered all my foods into MyFitnessPall, and even with the added 22g of yogurt, I'm at 39g of carbs for the day, so I can have the yogurt.

This is day 3 of me being carb (bread/cookies/etc.--I can't remember if those are simple or complex carbs) free, and the cravings have, mercifully, gone away. That is key: To avoid carb cravings one must avoid carbs. Detoxing from carbs takes about three days, and that sounds about right in my case.

But dammit, people--if you don't recognize the item in the fridge as something you bought and/or brought home, keep your mitts off!!!

Don't make me hurt you. ;-P

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