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Sunday, August 17, 2014


It's starting again.

The flirting.

The door holding.

The long gazing looks.

The off the cuff remarks.

Trying to make me laugh.

Asking if I need help.

I somehow always attracted the attention of boys and men, but I didn't realize it had stopped over the last ten years or so, you know, when I was at my heaviest. Huh.

The first time it happened I thought it was cute. Second and then third and fourth time, the cashier at the gas station for fuck's sake! Not cute anymore, annoying. Embarrassing. Time consuming.


Now I remember.


  1. It has more to do with confidence and attitude than with looks, per se, and it's not surprising. How's R dealing with it?

  2. Well, thanks. That and I'm still a 44DD. LOL R is oblivious although I told him if he wasn't nice to me I was going to run off with the ARCO cashier. :-P

    1. Oh, boobs. Well, yeah, there are those at any size!

  3. Hello? I'm up here...look at my eyes... LOLOL