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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Food Obsessed Today

I drove up to a small town near Yosemite yesterday and back today (ugh, my ass...) my husband had a job interview there, and a quick but important piece of personal business for both of us. I'm pooped. I had food on my mind, and in my mouth, all Damn day... ugh. I'm guessing by the three zits on my chin--and WTF?--that I'm hormonal. Groan... I didn't go off the ranch--but I wanted to, oh yeah-- but I ate a lot. Here's a list:

a Scrambled eggg with chorizo and cheese-- 5 bites
1/2 of a "hearty breakfast sausage" w/ Cholula
1 bite pancakes w/ butter and SF syrup
1 piece buttered wheat toast
Hot coffee w/ cream & stevia(2)
To Go box

MCDONALD'S (to use WiFi)
iced tea w/ Stevia and one refill

2 oz cheddar cheese
Small bag of sea salt and black pepper cashews

Chicken and beef kabobs with garlic sauce--all the beef, 1/2 serving of hummus, one piece of chicken, five bites of basmati rice
Half of a full-sized pita
Iced tea

Huh. I just checked with my DH, and that's what I ate. Feels like a lot more. And thought about food even more. I'm thinking about food now.

Crazymaking. Ugh.


  1. Doesn't sound as if you ate that much -- or much that was bad for you. But yeah, the head stuff continues and the carb cravings come back after several years. Anything you can do to COLD TURKEY carbs now will serve you well later! xo.

  2. My goal is 50 carbs a day or less. Most of the time I maintain this. :D But the cravings. Ugh. Just go away, dammit! :P