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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Carb Holiday

I know, so soon after the holidays when I ate a billion dozen cookies. *cough* But my husband was planning on going out of town, so I was free to eat what I wanted with its attendant bathroom issues later.

He didn't go, but I was not to be deprived of my eating holiday.

I haven't gone as crazy as I expected. A normal breakfast (2 scrambled eggs with cheese, 1/4 beef polska kielbasa, coffee with HWC, stevia, and cinnamon [as usual]), a piece of Schnuttlebucks gingerbread loaf that was in the freezer, and a "Frisco Burger" from Steak 'N Shake with about a handful of Parmesan herb fries with ranch. I took half of the burger to go. I was full.

That's it. Woo hoo! I'm a binge-eating maniac!


Maybe not.

I have one more thing at home (I'm out at Tarjay, sucking up their free WiFi--still working on that issue for at home *ahem*), and I may not eat it. If I don't, I'm throwing it away so it will stop tormenting me (Pillsbury "Cinnabon" rolls in the can). We'll see how I feel when we get home.

I've crapped a lot, but about 1/2 of them were before I had the gingerbread, so I can't really point my finger at that. Hey, it's a reality:  Eating carbs causes me (a post-op DS patient) bloating, gas, and the shits. That's life. I had nowhere to go today, got a lot of stuff unpacked, sorted, and packed back up (xmas stuff), and we're ready to rent a storage unit. Hooray. So I wasn't that indisposed.

My life has changed SO much since March 14, 2014. At least, the part of my life that involves my body and my health--I wish I could've gone it sooner, so grateful it got done at all. Amen.

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