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Friday, January 23, 2015

My New Favorite Thing

Cheese crisps.

I'd heard of them, seen them around on the Internet, but they just looked...eww. Weird. Crispy melted cheese? How could that be a thing? How could that taste good?

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit...they are damn good. I mean...I like them better than Cheetoh's, and which I used to love A LOT. Like in a whole-bag-at-a-time lot. *ahem*

So I made them on a parchment,-covered plate in the microwave. They come right off the parchment and you can reuse the one piece over and over. I let them cool on a paper-towel covered plate ( a little oil comes off the cheese) before breaking them up. The directions I found said 30-40 seconds but, uh, no. Just melty and gloppy, not crisp. Maybe the microwave that came with our rental is old, but it was more like 2 minutes if I wanted crispy, not blobby. I made a whole Ziploc storage box full of them, then put some in a Ziploc bag into my purse when I went to see the latest Hobbit film (boring!). The chips were awesome and I got that crunchy crunch crunch that you get from chips or popcorn.

Tonight I made some cheddar / monterey jack shreds in an omelette pan. OMG. So delicious. What was I thinking??

I'm going down to the OC this weekend to see my mum, so I'm going to make a whole bunch of them tomorrow to take to her place so I have something to snack on while we watch TV. We do a lot of TV watching at her place, which is cool, because we still have no TV at home. Ahem.

But cheese crisps. Really. Delicious, fun to eat, ZERO carbs.

Don't wait; make these now!!

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