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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I just paid 2/3rds of the program fee for the surgery

My dearest friend from high school, and who's done quite well for himself in real estate, phoned me on Monday as my husband and I were on our way home from his folks' house. He'd phoned to talk to me about a project we'd been collaborating on for well, several years now. After we got that all sorted out....I asked him for a loan. He said he could give me $1,000 no problem, but he wouldn't be sure until the end of the month whether he'd have more money or not. I said that was fine, I could get reimbursed by our HSA (health savings account) for it and then give it back to the doctor, and we'd have to come up with the final thousand, because our HSA would be tapped out by then.

He said he'd put a check in the mail that day. Wow.

Then my cell phone lost its signal as we headed into the mountains on the 5 freeway towards the Grapevine. For whatever reason, I can still send and receive texts. I think they operate off of satellite, not cell towers. Regardless, I sent him a text: "We're in the mountains. Call me back in one hour." And he said he would. And he did.

He then proceeded to tell me that he'd looked at his accounts, moved some money around, and was able to send me $2000-, and that he'd written the check and already put it in the mail.


I was breathless with excitement, relief, and gratitude all at once. R and I had been trying to figure out how to get the other $1,000 in the interim.

I thanked him, then we had a more personal conversation, talked some more about his project, and then we hung up. I drove home the rest of the way sort of...numb. Frozen almost. Like being in shock. Having the money suddenly made the surgery very real--it really was going to happen. (*fingerscrossed* that nothing untoward like flu or bronchitis or an accident gets in the way ohpleaseohpleaseohplease). But otherwise? It's happening. My life, my body, my habits, my entertainment, everything....everything is going to change. And I'm so fucking excited. I hope my expectations aren't too high. I know there will be lots more crying and frustration, and hard things and hurdles to overcome. I can't even predict what they might be...but I have a second chance at life. R and I can grow old together (*fingerscrossed*), and I may have just purchased my last bottle of fucking insulin. :D


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