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Sunday, February 2, 2014

One More Stepping Stone in the Road

More goals on my path to weight loss (surgery) and better health have been met. I had an appointment with my regular doctor last Thursday, and in addition to my regular stuff going on (*ahem*), she is totally on board with the weight loss surgery. Hallelujah! In fact, she seemed excited.

I brought the notebook I'd been given from my surgeon's  office, and made a copy of the list of tests I needed run within thirty days of surgery, but received in my surgeon's office one week before surgery. I need a chest x-ray, EKG, and a buttload of labs in addition to a medical/surgery clearance from her. She asked me a bunch of questions about my heart and breathing, which I answered, honestly. I don't want there to be any "WTF" moments later because I left something out. Like during my last surgery, on my eye, I stopped breathing. Yeah, I told her. She asked about what kind of anesthesia was used, and I said I didn't know, but referred her to that particular doctor. She should have copies of all his records because he's really good about that and she has all my records from my previous doctor who had all my records. Like that.

She also asked me to come in on the third of March to go over the tests and I could stand and watch while she faxed them over. Is that nice, or what?

So my husband and I are trying to figure out logistics--the surgery is going to be in SoCal, at a really, really great hospital, but still, I need to get there, get R (my hubs) there, he's going to take Friday and Monday off--I need to check in the day before so I'll need to drive myself down, and get a hotel that night--there's a Motel 6 not too far away--and, before 3pm, I need to start cleaning out my bowels, so should be fun. ;p This will be after one day of liquids only, then the day before, clear liquids only, then bowel prep, then surgery on Friday, what time I don't know.

My husband will be there the whole time (I hope--I hope I'm released on Monday. UGH), because I'll need a ride to my mom's house in Orange County--where I plan to stay for a week post-surgery if it's required by the surgeon that I stay close. Otherwise I'm happy to come home.

Like I said, we're still working everything out.

Plus, there's the little matter of the $3,000- post-surgery aftercare costs. I have a friend I can borrow it from, but I really hate to borrow from him. I borrowed from him last year when we were having a really bad time of it and R's unemployment dropped to $53- a week with no warning.

I've sent out two quotes for work recently, the full amount for the two combined is over $13K, and if even part of one is accepted,, and they make a down's a lot of ifs.

But, we still have $1600- in our HSA for the year, so even if my friend did loan it to me, I could give him that back right away.

I'm turning it over to G*d, the Universe, Krishna, Bastet, whatever, a higher power, I'm putting it in their hands because if I try to micro-manage this and stress over it, I'm going to make myself sick AND crazy, so I'm letting it go. It is, what it is.

It may sound hard to do, but it is so, so easy. I can't do it...but I have faith in the rightness of things.

I also picked up some balloons (hard to find in winter!!) to start blowing up and stretching my lungs; vitamins--a multi /chewable; calcium citrate with D (I don't even know if this is right, I need to find out); along with the biotin and lutein (eye health) I already take. I'm making it a habit. I've also tried to walk more than usual (which is never *ahem*), and start lifting heavy cans of tomotoes or water to exercise and strengthen my arms for post-surgery. I feel it's going to happen; I want to be ready.

Jules, the Fightin' Irish!!!   Heh.

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