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Saturday, February 22, 2014

It Begins

It's started already. The changing thing. How I said a few weeks ago how this surgery would change EVERYTHING.

I've just been to Target tonight. My husband wanted to look at costs for Android and iPhones for pay-as-you-go phones. He has not had nor wanted a contract with a cell phone carrier since one pulled a stunt on him several years ago. (Hold a grudge much? LOL).

So I started wandering around figuring the exercise would be good for me. I went straight to the "Plus Size" ladies clothing department. I've found over the years that I can get some really good deals in their clearance racks. I mean $5- and under for sweaters, T-shirts, and other things.

I live in a yoga pants. I have a black pair and a navy pair. The navy pair is too big but I bought them because they were $5- and for schlubbing around the house too big is fine. But the black pair I wear everywhere. And I got some kind of glue or clear finger nail polish on it and it left a perfect circle of hard, plasticky whatever./Last week, I picked at it until it just....popped off, so I have a perfectly round hole on the left thigh. *sigh* I could sew it, but it will look puckered. I may just so it won't run.

Anyway, I say this because I was in the market for some new yoga pants and a pair I had seen a few weeks earlier at Target were now 30% off. I picked them up, looked at the price, decided that I was willing to pay $15- for some everyday black pants and dangled them over the cart, and then paused. I remembered. Surgery (if all stays on schedule) is in three weeks. I won't need size "4" (Target's size 26) after surgery. Buying pants that may be too big by May is stupid and a waste of money.

I put them back on the rack.

It's the small, subtle things like this that ring home for me that my life is about to change dramatically.

I wish it would hurry up and get here.

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