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Friday, February 28, 2014

A Bad Feeling...Confirmed

I submitted my HSA claim reimbursement on February 20th, late in the evening, via fax, and have been waiting on the direct deposit to pay the balance of my surgeon fees ($1,000).  I've been obsessively checking my account for the last three days because typically a claim is processed in 5 - 7 days, at least that's been my experience with the monthly claims I've been making.

So I finally got all set up and logged into the insurance company's website, and last night I sent an email asking "Hey, what's up with my claim?"

I need it in such a timely fashion I've been hoping and praying it didn't get fucked up. All the other claims have gone smoothly with a few minor denials such as "unable to read document" for a receipt or whatever. But there's been this sick feeling in my gut since I sent it, knowing how badly I needed for it to go right, that it was going to get cocked up.

Self-fulfilling prophesy? You create your own reality? I leave it to the philosophers. But yes, it's fucked up. I got an email back from them this morning saying they had "no record of your claim."

Of course.

So it turns out you can file a claim online and save me the fax charge (which with is only .99 cents regardless of how many pages you send), AND get a confirmation email that they have received my claim. So I resubmitted it and did get a confirmation email that it had been received.

But what's weird about this, is that I sent a fax about 30 minutes prior to my claim on the 20th requesting that my direct deposit go to a different bank account I have, and they received that and updated my information. But they didn't get the actual claim. Huh.

So here's the alternative. Today is payday for R. We can not pay any of our bills (except the rent) and send the surgeon's office a money order for $1,000- and wait on the reimbursement to pay the bills, OR we can hope and pray like hell that the reimbursement comes before the 7th, the deadline (and the office already called and asked about it this week). I'm just waiting for R to get home to talk to him about it. And dammit.

Of all the times to fuck up, it had to happen now. Ugh.

Deep breaths.


  1. Pay the surgeon's fee and wait on reimbursement to pay bills. Just saying. You'll kick yourself later if the reimbursement doesn't arrive in time for surgery.

    1. Done. It's going out priority mail, insured, tomorrow. Exhale.