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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I finally saw the gynecologist today.  He looked very stern in his scrubs (with hat) and white lab coat, but he had a cute accent that reminded me of a friend who is from the Carribean.

The appointment started out a little rocky, but by the end of the visit we were both on the same page and he even brought up some things that I had brought up to my former PCP (the elderly woman) who poo-poo'd it: He wants me to have it checked (x-ray for arm pain I've had for about a year. It occurs only at night and is bad enough to wake me up. I take one prescription 600 mg ibuprofen before bed and instead of hurting every night, it's perhaps once a week. Also? Ibuprofen helps me sleep reeeeaally good.).

So I'm going to have a hysteroscopy (sp?) in October, so basically a diagnostic D&C to get a good look and pathology of the fibroids, polyp, and endometrium. Yee ha. He said based on that he may or may not recommend a hysterectomy, but he seems to lean away from surgery unless absolutely necessary. I like that.

So I was there two hours, I brought my Kindle (I threw up my hands in surrender and am reading Divergent. It started out well, now I'm getting bored with all the fight scenes. *yawn* I'll rent the movie after I'm done. Why not extend the torture? :D )

I still haven't had an answer from my PCP re: anemia / iron infusion, and when I called today they refused to release a copy of my labs to me before the doctor reviews it. Sigh.  I nearly fainted in the shower this morning. I had two sips of coffee, got in the shower, and was finishing up when I started to feel nauseous, dizzy, and the snowy TV pattern was appearing before my eyes. I bent over and put my hands on my knees before I fainted for a minute or so, it improved, so I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair, felt queasy and dizzy again, and just hopped out asoaking wet nd sat on the toilet putting my head between my knees until it passed again. Hey, lady at the doctor's office, if I do faint? I'm totally calling for an ambulance and making the insurance pay for it. I'm serious. I'm tired of dicking around with this. I have stuff to do. I don't have time to be exhausted.

I also found a mental health facility that takes Medi-Cal (my therapist recommended them to me), and for first-time appointments, it is walk-in only, M-TH, 8 am to 10:30 am. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow? I need my meds tweaked. I'm an anxious, twitchy, effed up mess. For no reason I can discern. I wake up like this. I'm stress eating carbs to deal with the anxiety the last 24 hours. It pisses me off that it actually helps. But this cannot be sustained. It's not healthy and I don't want to get diabetes again.

So that's my deal. One thing at a time.

Did you make the peaches yet?

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