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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Trouble in River City

I picked up my labs on Tuesday, .25 cent per page (what. ever.) and most things are good, but duh, I'm anemic (11, same as in May so it hasn't gone down either), but I have oxalate crystals in my urine. I need to up my fluid intake.

I feel like I'm constantly carrying liquids around or getting more liquids to drink but evidently it is not enough. It also says to keep away from tea. I drink A LOT of iced tea. Dammit. Also? No berries. Shit. There's more, but I'm short for time.

Also have been having the shits since 5 am and hoping it will cease long enough for me to make an appointment with the Calfresh people in 90 minutes. That would suck (shitting my pants ugh).

So I'll be back later.


  1. What's 11, exactly? Ferritin? Yup, that's infusion time. I know you're working on it.

    Oxyalates. Don't freak. As I've said elsewhere, mine are very high as well, but I've never had a kidney stone in my lifw, let alone in the 10 years since my DS. There's always a first time, of course, which is why I try to drink a crap-ton of water on top of the coffee I will not give up.

    You know the drill. MyFitnessPal keeps us real about water, fat, protein, and carb intake. I'm OCD, so I track daily and religiously. At this point, if it's not protein, I try not to eat it. If I slip with carbs, I try to make sure they're consumed with protein and fat. But mostly I don't slip a lot anymore, partly because MFP is such a slap in the face when I do.

    And yes, 10 years later I still supplement daily with a ready-to-drink Pure Protein Shake --> doesn't matter that I don't love them. It just matters that I drink them. IO have a standing monthly order through Amazon for them. 35 grams of very portable protein, 1-3 grams net carbs, 170 calories. Takes off the constant pressure to eat.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks, hun. I pm'd you on fb. Xo

  3. Agree - don't panic. It's an alarm to better balance protein and fluid. There's good information here - which I like because it says "drink more coffee". Peek at for some dietary advice.

    Be careful with increasing protein without ultra increasing fluids. Lower your salt. I didn't have stones but once had renal insufficiency and a week later had ARF and it was scary as hell both by how fast it hit. I didn't need hospitalization but it really spooked me. Keep an eye on your legs for swelling.

    I'm tellin ya, try the mint tea. Rinses you out, hydrates, and oh so yummy :)

  4. Thanks for the info. I've been advised to increase salt due to low blood pressure (90/60), and NO tea of any kind, including herbal. ??? I know, right? When I have more time I'll post up the directions my surgeon passed on to me. What is ARF? I think part of the fluid problem may be not increasing fluids during the very hot weather we've had this summer. I should have increased fluids with increased sweating. But I'm proud, and I always know better. I'm a Scorpio, what can I say. But I think I finally, finally get it and I can move forward from here (see today's post). Now I gotta run. I have a date with my BFF 150 miles away. Can't wait to see her.



  5. My PCP is thrilled when my BP is 90-100/60. LOL. It's a little low for my comfort level because my body was used to decades of high BP, and I can get dizzy leaning over/standing up suddenly. It's a fine balance, because the general school of thought is that diabetics (and that's what we are, even when we're in remission) should maintain lower BP. BUT as always, work out what's right for you with your PCP.

    (Still amazed that I can comment here again ... must have been weird-ass tech issues as my end --> not surprising!)

    1. I've had two doctors and my dentist all tell me that 90/60 is "too low," and then grimace. I only had HPB for two years. Perhaps because low blood pressure runs in the family. (My mom faints regularly and how she knocked out most of her teeth.) Even at 351 pounds, I was 120/80. Doctors would look at the chart, look at me, look at the chart, look at me, and shake their heads. :-) So now it's too low. Fine, I'll take it.

      I'm glad you can comment here again, too!!! You were missed. :-)

  6. I am slightly anemic. I freaked at first... (my numbers the same as yours) and called my oncologist, who very patiently explained to me that 1) I am a cancer patient who has had radiation (and chemo which you didn't have) and 2) I have had bariatric surgery. He told me he wasn't worried about it, to increase my red meat consumption, and take iron if I felt I needed it. He said people who have had radiation treatments often times have anemia. Hope you get yours figured out.

    And tea, even herbal dehydrates you.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that, G. I'm surprised they haven't given you an infusion or even a blood transufusion. But I don't know anything about chemotherapy--it doesn't work on the cancer I have (and will monitor the rest of my life).

      With DS'ers, iron--ferritin and RBC and hemoglobin, will contine to drop until you have a medical emergency. No amount of spinach-eating or iron supplements will make the difference for me--I was taking a Proferrin heme iron twice a day, and my numbers kept dropping every quarter. It will not get better without an infusion. I'm tired, my heart skips around occasionally, and I'm often short of breath. Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen. Huh. How about that.

      I also eat ton of red meat--at least one meal a day if not more. Pork products, too, and chicken and fish. Eggs. Cheese. It's a different process than the RnY.

      But seriously: I would be concerned about non-treated anemia. Can you absorb ferrous sulfate if you take it? Thst is my problem. I wouldn't let that go. Are you tired? Talk to your PCP.

      I'm so glad you're still in remission. SO happy for you.



  7. I trust the opinion of my oncologist regarding the anemia and my research shows he is right. I have little to no symptoms that are directly attributed to the anemia. It is extremely common for patients with the combination of medical issues I have to be slightly anemic. As an RNY parient I also experience malabsorbtion in differing ways the DS patients. But it also helps knowing my background. My primary concern is, "Is the cancer back?" As long as I can deal with that, second concern is, "Is the Graves still in remission?" Everything else is cake as long as the oncologist and endocrinologist are in check. ;)

    1. Hey girl,

      We've both been through the health ringer the last few years and come out the other side...a little squished, but still here. :-) I trust you and your doctors to make the right decisions for you and your body. I don't trust *my* doctors to make the right decisions for me. I continue to advocate and when necessary, fight and file complaints for mine. I need an iron infusion. I won't get better without it. I traded diabetes for anemia. I still think it was a good trade. I'd do it all again, wrinkly skin an all.

      I wish nothing but good health for you.