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Friday, September 25, 2015

Stress Level: RED

I posted this on some of my DS groups soliciting advice. I'm putting it here also as an update.--SJ

This has been a very, very weird and stressful week. One of the strangest was this, and I'm asking for input because I'm just at a loss. On Wed, as I was driving 100 miles north to visit my father, my new doctors' office called to tell me that because I hadn't submitted a follow-up urinalysis, my appointment  for the next morning was cancelled and they couldn't see me. Huh? I said what about the other things I need treatment for like hernia, iron infusion, refills? No, the nurse/Nazi said, "It's against our policy." To punitively punish someone when they make an all-too-human mistake? I forgot to get the urinalysis, so eff all my other health concerns? I've never heard of anything like this. So I fired them over the phone, and told her I was filing a complaint with the state. So now I'm at step one, again. I've needed an iron infusion since MAY. I'm at my wit's end. I just can't git 'er done. I live near [high desert town] CA, and I have straight Medi- Cal (not my choice, trust me). If anyone knows of a hematologist in the SoCal region (I'll drive!) that takes straight Medi -Cal, I will drive however far it takes. I'm just...exhausted. Physically and mentally. I'll be filing my complaint letter later today. Right now I gotta take a nap. Thanks for letting me vent. :-)

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