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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Reboot: Day III

I'm not gonna lie:  Yesterday was pretty awful. I stayed on my food targets, but boy did I want to binge. Fortunately I don't keep carbie snacks in the house (and duh), and I was feeling too down to dress and drive to town for a carbie snack, even though I wanted one.

Instead, I had some chocolate, some Truffle Fry chips with Ranch dip (homemade), and instead of "a serving," I had half a bag. Uh, yeah. Within an hour the diarrhea started and didn't abate until after dark. I cannot do a lot of fat at one time or it goes right through me. I have to stay within the boundaries of what my body can tolerate. My surgeon does the Hess Method when he does the DS, so what I can tolerate is individualized to my body (weight, height, age, sex, metabolism), and he does not recommend a high fat diet for his patients. A certain amount (which you need to determine for yourself through trial and error), is necessary, but not to excess. I've never had a fat bomb and bulletproof coffee (with butter) just makes me want to gag. Yuck. Fortunately, I rarely have constipation issues, especially if I keep protein around 100g per day, and fat also, spread out through the course of the day, not all at once.

But let me be clear, I was a miserable person yesterday. I read and messed around all day after spending all of Friday cleaning. My husband left to go run errands, which I knew meant he would be gone until who-knows-when, and he was. He showed up around 10 pm, and hadn't even started packing for his move up north to start his new job on Tuesday morning. *rolleyes*

I was like a caged animal yesterday, pacing around wanting carbs, carbs, carbs, but I knew if I gave in, it would lead to more carbs and more carbs. It was a LONG day.

Today I woke up down a pound (thankyoujesus), and the carb cravings have abated. Hallelujah.

This week is going to be about two things:  Doctor appointments and cleaning. My husband took all his stuff with him, even the stuff still packed in plastic tubs. He's going to be staying with a relative until he gets his first paycheck at the end of the month (and TG for that. I told him to buy them a nice bottle of wine as a thank you when he gets there. He should arrive around dark and then he'll have all day tomorrow to get settled in. He took the van, so I'm going to meet him halfway this weekend so we can swap cars. He hates the minivan and I hate the T-bird LOL, but he needed to take the van to get all his stuff in there. No way would it have fit in the T-bird.

I need to go get vitamins, I ran out a few days ago because the money ran out SIGH. I see one of the drug stores is having a buy one / get one free sale. I need a multi, BiOtin, and Caltrate. I hope those are all on sale. The specialty stuff I get from Amazon.

And stocking up on protein at the grocery store today.

I hope you have a lovely Labor Day. The temps are finally down, fall is in the air, and I'm feeling more or less like a sane person. :-)

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