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Saturday, September 19, 2015


I know, I know, I'm waaaay behind. I've been paying attention to my real life as I applied, quickly, to grad school (I thought I had until the 1st of October. Uh, no. The 15th. As in last Tuesday. Oops. Got'er done tho.), and deal with the fallout of the end of my marriage. Did I mention that or not? If not, I'll get to it. If I did, it's fine. Really. Nothing earth-shattering.

So here are some pictures I took last week as I was preparing to go up to Central Cali to change cars with my husband and visit my BFF.

It's been a long time since I've worn bikini underwear, and I'm surprised that I even find them comfortable at all. No string bikinis, but these moderate bikinis are super awesome. I got them at Ross. They are size 8. LOL  I haven't worn that size since my early 20s (ladies' underwear sizes are typically half of the pants so, so in my case, a 16, which although accurate, is plunging toward 14.).

Here is the front:

That's a mighty big scar on my bellybutton. And that is a new ^ bra. Maidenform, $6.99 at Ross. Very silky and soft, and very comfortable. It's the nicest bra I think I've ever owned. It' a 40D. I think I may need to go to a 38C. We'll see how it all plays out.

And from the side, I give you Petunia. And why I'm uncomfortable and my clothes don't fit and women (and some men) look at me like, "Awwww, how sweet. She's pregnant."


Yeah, I'm pregnant, with an ALIEN!!  :P

I had an ultrasound on it last Monday, it's something called a "Richter's Hernia." I hope to have it repaired before the end of the year. We'll see.

Now I'm tired, I gotta go sit down and read some more. I'm exhausted from my nap. It's the anemia. I woke up this morning with my heart pounding, pulse beating in my eyes and ears, and breathing hard. I see my doc this Thurs. If I don't get sent to a hematologist, I'm going to either urgent care or the ER. Uckfay Itay.


Weight today:  176.


  1. Okay, yeah, that looks bigger than mine. I'd want to get that fixed as well.d

  2. Uh...yeah. And it hurts. :-(

  3. I hear you on the hurts part. That might ease over time (I'm uncomfortable only at the end of the day), but perhaps not. I'm surgery-averse, as you know, but in your position I'd probably opt for a repair as well. And, if it becomes medically necessary, I'll even opt for one myself when that time comes.

  4. I'm pain averse and I have a very low pain tolerance. Do doctors listen to me? No. They just assume I either A) don't know what I'm talking about or B) Seeking (narcotic) drugs. *sigh* I add dentist to this mix, also. Ahem. But yeah, it's an accident waiting to happen (strangulation, and which could be life threatening). Also uncomfortable, 75% of the time, and my clothes don't fit. i'm not excited about a 4th surgery in 4 years, but I'd like to do it before Christmas if at all possible. You know why. I know I don't want mesh, either. And if I don't like the surgeon or his credentials? It will wait. But yeah...something must _be done_. :D

  5. And one last thing: That's my colon sticking through there, not small bowel. Uh, yeah. Sometimes I can see it move. Ugh. Gross.