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Saturday, March 1, 2014


My husband came home from work and I could just tell by the look on his face that he'd had a bad day. We talked about it for a while and then I said, "Well, sit down. I've had a bit of a bad day myself." And I told him about the missing HSA claim. Then I made the two suggestions as to how to make that payment in time for surgery, and he said, "F*ck it. Let's pay it. You've come too far, waited too long to miss this opportunity." So we went to Malwart and got a money order that I'm going to priority mail (and insure), with tracking info, tomorrow. Our post office is open half day on Saturday.

Unfortunately I can't use my debit card because my account is overdrawn. It was stupid. In order to avoid paying a large ($400-) deposit to PG&E to initiate electric service, I signed us up for direct payment. They use a third-party vendor.

About three weeks later I received a letter telling me that the first automatic deduction would start on December 18th. This was in early October. The 18th came and went, and no withdrawal. Huh. Then I got a letter advising me that the routing and account information I had given them was "invalid." I'm guessing I just typed it in wrong.

So in January, I resubmitted it. No letter in the mail advising me of when it would start or anything, so I thought (assumed ugh), that it would be the 18th starting in March.

Uh, no. The 20th of February. My credit union paid it even though I told them when I opened the account that I didn't want them paying charges that came through and then dunning me for an overdraft. Suddenly, they decided to do this. They paid the PGE bill ($60-), plus $30- overdraft. Since I only had about $20- in there, that overdrew me quite a bit. Then I sent two .99 cent faxes to the HSA reimbursement company. Yep, those ended up being $30.99...each. Ouch!

So I knew that my reimbursement deposit would reimburse me enough to cover the overdraft, pay the surgeon, and leave some left over for hotel and travel costs. But I'm still waiting.

So I can't use my card. Stupid, I know. Stupid stupid. But I honestly did not expect that charge to come out this month. I paid it in cash at their office downtown for January. I was planning on doing it again this month but we never got a bill. So I'm going to have to log into it online before the 20th--the same day our car insurance gets deducted--to make sure I have enough in there to cover it.

But the surgeon will be paid. I already emailed the office to let them know it's coming and I'll forward the tracking information when I get it, also.


It's done.

Wish me luck. And less of "the stupid."

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