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Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Wee Bit Sick

Yesterday I woke up feeling fine. Spent the morning online, drinking coffee, eating cookies ( RollEyes), then got up to go do something, and my head, neck, shoulders were killing me. Then I noticed my hips and legs were hurting, too, like a flu ache. And I've had a phlegmy cough for a couple of days.

I decided I should go lie down. Then it really amped up and my head / body started throbbing and pounding. I napped for a bit, then woke up and took a prescription Motrin.

By 7:30 pm I was in bed for the night and asleep by 8 o'clock. I woke up at about 12:30 am covered in sweat--I mean, dripping. I got up and used the bathroom, started cooling off, took another Motrin and went back to sleep. I also turned off the Coast to Coast show on the radio as it was ghost stories and it was creeping me out. LOL

I slept until 10 am when my cat was dancing on me begging to go out. So I slept quite a bit. A don't feel 100% better today, but I do feel a lot better. More like myself.

24 hour bug?
Food poisoning? (no vomiting/diarrhea)
My body just hates me?

Whatever, I did NOT feel well. Still don't feel back to normal.

In the meantime, I did lose 5 lbs since yesterday, all, I'm sure, poop weight. Fine, whatever. I did mostly protein yesterday and will today. Although I would knock you down if you were holding a blueberry muffin and take it from you.


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