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Monday, March 23, 2015

It’s That Time of the Month: Carb Time

It started on Thursday out of the blue, my head started going “carbseatcarbseatcarbseatcarbseat” and I managed to ignore it pretty well. It ramped up pretty badly yesterday, but I still maintained my DS eating. I even had some SF pudding—chocolate on the bottom, a layer of banana on top, whipped cream, of course—but I wanted ice cream. I’d had some really good ice cream at my moms, it wasn’t low fat or sugar free, but I had some, no repercussions, and still lost three pounds.

I made a big plate of nachos planning on eating ¼ - ½ depending on what my tummy had to say. I was reading MORE magazine while I ate, and I was so absorbed, I ate the whole plate. OMG. I was in pain. I wanted some of that food OUT. I leaned over the sink and put my finger down my throat a handful of times, but nothing would come up. It was in there, twisting my guts, causing me pain, and there was not a damn thing I could do about it except wait. *fuck*

I got into bed with my Kindle to take my mind off of it (it helped somewhat), and then I felt myself needing to vomit—drooling, mouth full of saliva, nausea. I picked up the small (lined) trashcan I keep next to the bed and dry heaved a little bit. Still nothing, but then, strangely, the pain went away. Well, after several minutes of moaning and groaning over the trashcan. I’ve never felt anything like that. Ever.

In the middle of the night—3 amish? I got up and had a massive protein poop. I had another one when I got up at 10 o’clock. (Yes, I slept in. I’m still trying to make up a sleep deficit from last week and then again Saturday night. I work from home, so I have that option.)
Took another massive poop.

I have not gotten on the scale. I’m afraid to. I know I’ve probably gained just from pre-menstrual water weight. I don’t think I’ll weigh all this week.

So last night I dashed out to the grocery story about 9:30 pm—stuffed my pajama pants (more like lounge pants) into my [F]Uggs, put on my now oversized USC zippered hoodie, a UNR baseball cap, grabbed just my wallet and keys, and drove into town for a newspaper and ice cream.
I got some Dreyer’s ½ the fat chocolate chip cookie dough. Believe it or not, but the low fat has less carbs than the sugar free, and which has malitol, i.e., gas and diarrhea later. *ahem*

So I’ve learned three things:

1.       Pay attention while eating. Do not do anything else while eating except perhaps talk to others while eating. No reading, no coupon clipping, no sorting crap, just pay attention.

2.       Ice cream does not bother me nor cause weight gain. I’ll have to watch that because, like anything else, too much of anything can cause weight gain.

3.       I’ve got to have sweets alternatives to keep the carb obsession bell at bay, clanging in my brain, and eat that instead. Almond cookies (they’ve grown on me). Tonight I’m making a lemon cheesecake. SF pudding. Otherwise? I will totally careen out of control. 

The other three weeks of the month, I’m fine. I lust after sweet things, but I can turn my head, walk away, not think about it, but that pre-period week? I’m a  carb and sugar craving bitch. It’s bad.
Of course, I used to be like that EVERY DAY so having it knocked down ¾ is still a win, but man…I so want periods to be over. Fuuuuuck.

Laundry is on the schedule for today, vacuuming (I lurve my new vaccum *squee*), mop the kitchen, Swiffer the rest of the house that has tile (dining, entry, living room, hall, bathroom), and if I have time and energy, also mop the tile; take out garbage, then do a little grocery shopping,--and I’m only allowed to do that after I’ve gone for a walk for health--and prep some foods for me to have during this week, protein heavy. I’m thinking ground beef, maybe a steak if they have any on sale, HWC, sour cream, ranch dip mix (in the package) to have with cheese chips; and I think I may get a hair dryer. I haven’t used one in years, but if I can fluff up my thin hair a little bit and control some of the short-hair flyaways, then I won’t cut it. If that doesn’t help, then pixie cut it is. I’m sick of looking like I’ve been electrocuted, short hairs at full attention all over my head. My mom said, “Just use some hair products on it.”

“Uh,” I said, “I use three: Frizzease, super control gel, and hairspray.”
“Oh,” she said.


I’ll find a pic of the pixie cut I’m looking at and post them, or maybe a pic and a link. There are two women whose haircuts I really like.

Apologies for my horrible Photoshop skills.

Pixie cut 1

Pixie Cut 2


  1. Cute hairstyles! Wish I could pull off short hair. I have that awful thyroid hair, very fine, somewhat thin, and what makes it worse is that the gray coming in is kinky like a 'fro. Makes it almost impossible to style! UGH. And I laughed at your Photoshopping--they look like they are either Hannibal Lectors in training, or muzzled. LOL.

    1. My hair is such a wreck--thin, fine, frizzy, and short new hairs all over that literally make me look like I've been electrocuted--or a dandelion. I am not making this up. I bought a hairdryer last night, I quit using them years ago because they burned my already fine hair, and a big drum brush...and yeah. It looks exactly the same as if I had done nothing. With the Frizease, gel, hairspray. SIGH. So I'm cutting it. Soon as I get a few extra bucks, so next week. Basta, already.

      What is thyroid hair?


    2. PS: I don't 'get' Photoshop. I've been trying to learn it for years. Sigh.