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Sunday, March 15, 2015

One Year

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my WLS surgery, the duodenal switch with biliopancreatic bypass. I nearly forgot myself until after 11 pm. I've been busy the last few days dealing with elderly relatives both my own and my in-laws.

So here are some photos. This was taken the day after surgery in the hospital. My pre-surgery weight was 316 (I don't count the four pounds I lost on the day-before-surgery liquid diet, as I only lost water weight.).

And these were taken today after I got home from the 'rents'. I still look in the mirror and expect to see ^ that me. It's still a surprise. One hundred fourteen pounds +/-, high blood pressure gone, in fact, I have low blood pressure and get dizzy if I stand too quickly; Type II (insulin dependent) diabetes, GONE (in remission); the bad cold I just had did not turn into bronchitis, for the first time EVER. I call that a strong immune system, not impaired. Not anymore.

The pregnant-looking belly? Is Petunia, my hernia. I hope to have it repaired this summer. It is uncomfortable and rather LARGE.

The shirt I'm wearing is a size "M", and the jeans are size 16. I haven't worn size 16 jeans since high school, and a M shirt since....junior high. I think. It's weird. My dissonance is definitely cognitive.  :-)


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