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Friday, March 6, 2015

Back on Track

I did have two blueberry muffins this week, from Target, one Wednesday, one Thursday, and made sure to eat a lot of protein, and so I've consistently lost all this week. Back down to 202 from 213--in a week. :-)

The muffins weren't that good. They were more like a cake, fell apart, and there was little blueberry taste. I had two left (they came in a four pack), I gave one to my husband last night and sent one to work with him in his lunch today. He said he thought they were too sweet, also.

I've got some recipes for lowcarb scones that I want to try--but I've been sick all week with a flu/cold thingie that is trying very hard to become bronchitis. I sound like Lauren Bacall and I'm hacking up junk. When my husband gets home--he's off early on Fridays--he's going to take me to urgent care. I really don't feel I can drive, mostly because of my eyes. They are both watering heavily and producing mucus at a high rate and my vision is blurry in my good eye, and extra-blurry in the bad one.  Regardless, I think I'm going to make the lavender scones ^ sans lavender and add in a handful of dried blueberries instead. It looks easy enough to make. If I make them today, I'll report back. We'll see how I'm feeling.

In the meantime, I wasn't hungry last night, but I did a protein load before bed (I read for about an hour after getting in bed) because I knew I hadn't eaten enough protein. I had three slices of extra sharp cheese, so 3 ounces, six slices of Gallo salami, and about 10 wasabi/soy almonds. I also had a big spoonful of SF pudding with whipped cream. I always let one of my kitty's have a fingerful of whipped cream. He's a dairy addict.

The carb obsession is gone, so is my period, so I'm going to blame hormones, and I need to be MORE prepared to deal with the constant, clanging, eateateatcarbscarbscarbs that goes on in my brain in the days prior to and the first few days of my period. Hmm...maybe make some low carb goodies to put in the freezer so they're just ready for me? Good idea, Jules!!  Because doing this every month? Is crazy making.


I think I'm going to go soak in the bath. The steam will help my nose and lungs, too. Ciao.

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