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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I realize I didn't explain the context of the "shitting, farting, and cookies" that I briefly mentioned in yesterday's post.

One too many problems and a big one that sucker punched me yesterday and I headed straight to the grocery store and fresh baked goods.

We have two cars, a 96 T-Bird, and an 03 Windstar mini-van. In the last month they have both gotten new batteries; the T-Bird has had to get two new tires; the Windstar needed the alternator replaced; the T-Bird needed some new radiator hoses and a thermostat; and now, sometimes, the Windstar won't start. It's something electrical. This is added to the cracked windshield, the lights that go on and off at their whim, the electric side doors that won't stay closed, and the unpainted new fender and bumper from when my FIL's "friend" and neighbor crashed into our car and then refused to pay for it. Looong story.

So our cars are dying. They both have close to 200,000 miles and, let's face it, they're Fords: Fix Or Repair Daily. Uh, yeah. I had a Nissan Altima for 10 years, a Geo Metro for nine years, and only had to do oil changes and brakes until they both just gave up the ghost. I hate Fords.

My husband is going to be out of a job at the end of the semester. Again. I'm not surprised, I foresaw it.

I have a bad tooth.

I am having periods from hell with accompanying mood swings.

I picked up a copy of my labs related to my WLS, and things didn't look as good as I had hoped, and a few tests got skipped. Huh.

I can't get my fucking HMO to refer me to my retinologist/oncologist/geneticist to check on the (dead?) melanoma in the choroid lining in my eye. I see him twice a year, and have since my diagnosis in May 2012. Once my husband is laid off, we can go back on the exchange and maybe get some better insurance, like a PPO. I freaking hate HMOs

I got some VERY bad news on a subject I had been waiting years to hear on (no stress there), and that was the final straw and I headed for the baked goods.


I didn't even want them but I didn't know how to cope with the overwhelming feelings.

I've also decided to no longer see my therapist. He's a nice guy, I enjoy talking with him, but I feel like he talks about himself about as much as I talk about myself. Also, I don't feel like I'm getting any tools to deal with my issues from him. So I'm moving on. I'm going to find someone else. He's a nice guy, but...I canceled today's appointment and I won't be rescheduling.

And I'm thinking about going back to school.

So yeah, some stress.

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