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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Low Carb Scones

They are fantastic.

OK, not as good as a regular scone, but good enough, and eating them without guilt makes them fantastic. In fact, I have one at breakfast with a slice of bacon/brie/cheddar quiche, and then schmeer some cream cheese on the scone (they're a teeny bit dry). I'll totally be making these again. I think lemon next time.

So. I can have treats in my life that actually fit into my new eating program (for life), and enjoy them and not go over my carbs for the day, so I think I need to spend more time in the kitchen (like I don't already LOL), making some of the fabulous low- or carb-free dishes that I've enjoyed in the past. You know, when I was eating myself into an early death. *rolleyes*

I got up this morning and weighed 201. Awesome. So I lost 12 pounds in a week by staying strictly DS eating. My husband's birthday was last week and I did have a few bites of his hot fudge sundae that the restaurant gifted him--it was delish, and a few bites hit the spot. Plus whipped cream!!

I have either SF pudding or this Jell-O concoction I found in the innerwebs. I've been tweaking it and the latest version needs a tweak, also.

Essentially it's:

One 8 oz pkg cream cheese, room temp
10 ounces heavy whipping cream (HWC)
1 pkg sugar free Jell-O, I like raspberry

Beat room-temp cream cheese until smooth. Beat in HWC until smooth. Add Jell-O powder directly into cream cheese/hwc mixture. Beat the living hell out of it.

It's good, but the texture is still too rubbery for me. I think I'll make it again but thin it down with some milk, or maybe even double the amount of cream cheese and HWC. It's a great snack treat that is also loaded with protein. I also find when I add milk to my diet, this and other "diet plans like WW's", I lose more weight. I am not lactose intolerant and wasn't pre-surg either. So glad about that.

So I can still enjoy my meals and snacks, I just need them to be a certain way (low carb or carb free / and/or high in protein).

It's been quite the year, but I wouldn't have changed a thing. Well, about my surgery and post-surg body. Other parts of my life? Well, yeah, I would have done a lot differently. But my health? I'm very, very happy where I am. :-)


  1. I made a variation of this over the weekend and I thought of you so wanted to share it. It's got everything a DSer could want and you can keep it lean and get much fiber and protein (they claim fat is a DSer's friend but ain't no friend of mine would treat me that way so I found reducing certain fats and dairy made my gastric life easier). However, easy to add fat with avocado, more cheese, sour cream etc.
    But best of all, non DS people can carb this up with chips or even flour tortillas.