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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bargoney on New Duds

I needed to return a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt olive drab jeans, size 18, as they were way too big. I had purchased them, and another pair of pants and a sweater with some Kohl's Cash my MIL gifted me. *squee* 

Well, they were still having their 70-80% clearance sale going on, along with their additional 15% off if you logged into their WiFi. OMG.

I found the last pair of DV olive drab jeans--size 16--and they fit like a dream. I also found a brown pair, same pants. Each were $8-. OMG. I also got a pair of Sonoma jeans, size 16 (see picture below), some pretty turquoise and white clamdiggers for spring and summer, size 16, and a Lauren Conrad skater sweater dress,  (pic below) size L, originally $68-, for...including extra $15%, $12-. OMG. It pays to shop around.

I tried everything on. I'm wearing the Sonoma jeans right now. They feel awesome. 

I feel like a regular person.

Yet I am so struggling with carb cravings right now and my weight is fluctuating up and down more than the Down/Jones. 


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