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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

And Back Down Again...

Five pounds in one day. A day that saw me eat a cereal bowl-sized bowl of barbecue potato chips, with Ranch dip; two fish tacos from Del Taco (and SO good); and a handful of corn chips in addition to my eggs, ground beef, and cheese breakfast (plus the first wake-up protein cookie snack with coffee).

So...whatever, body. What. Ever. You are weird.

I'm really hating this hernia. I look pregnant and I get the weirdest looks from people. And it's uncomfortable. Sometimes when I use the bathroom I feel like my gut is going to explode. (That's not a thing, is it? I hope not.)

I'm going to bed shortly--why not--but I'm craving protein. I'm thinking ground beef quesadilla with sour cream and lots of hot sauce. Yeah.

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