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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Carb Detox No. 19

Well, how did it go yesterday? My first day carb de-toxing after my "carb vacation"?

It was rough.

I had one piece of Archer Farm's (Target) raspberry coffee cake left, and I gobbled it down as soon as I got up and had made coffee. It was fabulous. But here's the thing about carbs:  The more you eat carbs, the more you crave them. As soon as I ate it, I wanted more. I mean, a lot more. I could've eaten a whole new pan of raspberry coffee cake. My first thought was "Must have more." And I realized there was no more and it would be a 25 mile roundtrip to get more. Then it hit me:  OMG, carbs creates the desire for more carbs. More, more, more, and more. I knew this, but to have it smack me in the face like that was shocking.

I ate a lot of protein yesterday. I probably could've eaten more. In fact, I skipped dinner. I had a big lunch. (Potato chips with sour cream ranch dip.)

I also found half of a Symphony chocolate bar in the fridge. I ate that.

I was cranky a good part of the day because I wanted carbs and couldn't have them. Well, I could, I was choosing not to have them (or dress and drive to get any).

Finally, near bedtime, I went into the kitchen wanting something. I spotted my husband's cinnamon toast crunch cereal. This is a cereal I've never liked as I find it overly sweet. I had a bowl with half-n-half.

Took all my supplements and went to sleep after reading for a bit.

Today? Down two more pounds. Ha!

Also? Cramps. My period is coming. That might explain the depression and anger of last week. Today I'm just anxious (my normal state).  Also, I never really had cramps with my period. I wish it would just fucking stop. I'm looking for a new OB/GYN right now. I still haven't received the medical records I paid for and ordered 34 days ago from old, dingleberry GYN. WTF?  I can't go to her (even if I wanted to) because she's not in my Medi-Cal book. Hallelujah.

So I just ate a big piece of cheese and spinach quiche that I made yesterday, and 1/4 of beef smoked sausage with deli mustard. I'm full. I need to make the protein Jell-O before I leave today so I have something soft to eat post-extractions.

Carb detox Day II, I think will go a little more smoothly. From my lips to G*d's ears.

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