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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Changed My Hair

I wanted something dark to go with my new cat eye glasses (and which shipped today! SQUEE!). I had a coupon for Clairol "Age Defy" (whatever the fuck that means LOL) Medium's dark. I LOVE it. Here's an artsy kinda' photo I took to text to my aunt who couldn't see the color clearly on Facebook. I was trying to get my bangs, but it turned into this really cool pic. Take a look.

I scrolled through some old posts to see if I'd posted a picture of my glasses,  ($70-) and evidently I did not. So here they are. And on Sunday I ordered a second pair for less than $40-. from Zenni also. Heh. 

And these. They are darker than I wanted, but for the price -- $6.95 for the frames -- it's a great deal. When I have more money, I'll get another pair, and still pay less than what I would have paid out of pocket with insurance for one pair. And oh yeah, the cat eye's come with a pair of clip on sunglasses for $4.95. Chingamos.

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