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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Breakfast Almond Biscuits--an update

I had been making them with Trader Joe's almond meal--similar to almond flour, but with the skins ground up in the meal.

Yesterday, I got some "real" almond flour from a bulk bin at a big food wholesaler. This morning I made a tray of breakfast biscuits--I keep forgetting to mention that I also add a tablespoon of whole flax seed to every batch. Good for you and a very nice crunch. Although they look like bugs just lying on the counter by themselves. *ahem*

So I made them this morning with the almond flour. Same recipe, using lemon extract, dried strawberries from the bin, a splash of cinnamon and. baked them up and....bleh. As tasteless as sand. Yuck. Well, I bought two pounds of it, so I need to use it, but it is going to need help. I'm thinking vanilla extract, lots and lots of vanilla extract (leave out the lemon), and maybe a cream cheese drizzle. They really did not taste good.

So I think I'm going back to the Trader Joe's almond meal, and which is about $2- a pound cheaper anyway. The only problem is that the closest Trader Joe's is over 40 miles away. I'd stop there on my way home from visiting relatives periodically and stock up on almond meal, coffee, and other stuff that I like to get from TJs or that our local stores don't carry. No more trips to OC lately or in the forseeable future.

I'll report back after my next batch in about three days.


Happy Fourth!!

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